Have you ever looked at the icon for your favorite app and wished you could change it?Are you secretly using a dating app but don't want prying eyes to recognize the icon on your home screen?Are you a micro managing control freak who always wants things your way?Well, you're in luck!

Looks matter, especially on Android

One of the biggest cosmetic differences between Android and iOS is customization. Now to some, that's a pretty meaningless and purely superficial difference. But hey, pretty is as pretty does, so if you got it, flaunt it.Wash away that rainy day inside your head and give your home screen a face lift. The nip-tuck is free, there's no down time, and the change just may do you some good.And if it doesn't, then you can always go back to the same ho-hum icons and boring life you had before this adventure began, no harm no foul.

What's in an icon?

It's been said that a woman knows if she'll sleep with a man within 30 seconds of meeting him, while a man knows he'll sleep with a woman 30 seconds before she even walks into the room.So what does a glimpse of your home screen's icons tell others about you?Well, depending on the apps, it could tell them quite a lot.
  • You don't know how to do simple math to calculate a 15% tip.
  • You need help remembering your flight and travel plans.
  • You have way too much time on your hands and bothered to customize all your icons (though that could also be a red flag that you have OCD.)

3 Apps that can change your icons, easy peasy

Google Play has oodles of apps that can control the look and feel of your Android experience. Here's three easy to use apps that can help you change all your app icons to almost anything you like, including personal photographs.

#1: Awesome Icons

https://youtu.be/7Jk95-etPVEAwesome Icons is, well, awesome. Mostly because it's simple to use, doesn't require rooting and works with any launcher.You can replace existing icons with any alternates found in the icon packs, or you can create your own icons from your photos.Just bear in mind, icons are really small, so you're only going to enjoy so much detail if you use a personal photo as an icon. But still, it's pretty cool, or rather, pretty awesome.

#2: Icon Changer Free

https://youtu.be/1AlcIk5CCRM?t=20Icon Changer Free is exactly that, a free app that easily changes your icons. It works by creating new app shortcuts on your home screen using any icon or personal photograph you choose.Here's how to make the magic happen:
  1. Open the Icon Changer Free app
  2. Choose the app you'd like to change
  3. Select a new icon from the icon pack or select a photo from your gallery
  4. Wait for the annoying ads to display (free is never "free")
  5. That's it! Your icon has been changed.
Your app's original icon remains intact in the app drawer, which is where all of your apps are stored, and yes, you can easily revert back to the default icons without any fuss. You can also download additional icon packs here.

#3: Wizard Cut Icon Changer

unnamedWizard Cut stands apart from the rest because it uses layers to create your custom icons. Layers is what gives an icon depth and animation when pressed. It works with any launcher and does not require root.What's especially cool is you can create icons of almost any shape and size. Larger icons are actually set as widgets on your home screen and are great for use with personal photos since you can see more details.Wizard Cut is actually more of a full-fledged photo editor than just an app changer because you can tweak and manipulate the icons you create in a myriad of ways.  You can
  • edit layers
  • merge, move or scale layers
  • add padding
  • crop
  • add custom text labels beneath your icons
  • backup and restore your shortcuts
  • preview
  • share your custom icons

What's Next: Extreme customization

Developers struggle to create brand awareness as more and more users demand total control over app icons and other areas of their mobile device.Advertisers create custom themes for movies and new products, so you could have a Minion theme to match the next movie, or a Coke theme with a drinkable home screen that simulates downing a refreshing cola along with -- buuuuurp -- all your app icons.

What's your take?

Is changing an app's icon much ado about nothing? Are you a control freak who's particular about icons? Post your comments below or check out these articles to customize your phone your way.
 featured images: (c) wilx.com

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