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Considering today’s technological advancements, your business should take advantage of the opportunities offered in this department. Adopting certain tech trends will allow you to run your business more efficiently, as well as draw the interest of your target audience. Going mobile is something that all the big players of the business world have been focusing on over the last few years, and it’s understandable, considering the increase in smartphone usage. If your business doesn’t; currently benefit from a mobile application, it’s certainly time to think about implementing the right solution here. A custom made Android app could bring to the table a wide variety of appealing benefits, and looking into the subject more-in-depth should be your top priority at the moment. Why does your company actually need an application? Why is this type of investment worth it? How should you handle things in this department? What are the necessary steps to take on the matter? Because you probably have a few questions you need answered, the following insights could make the subject a bit clearer, and provide you with the required guidance:

The benefits ensured by mobile app development

Before you actually start searching for a partner that can provide you with an optimal mobile solution, or comparing your options here, you should first fully grasp the concept of business application development and understand the positive aspects that are linked to such a business decision. While each company has its own perspective and expectations, there are some clear advantages that remain viable in the majority of situations.

·       Provide value to customers

Let’s start with the most obvious factor and that is customer engagement . Regardless of what products or services you are providing, you need to stand at customers’ disposal with a channel that facilitates communication, and allows your clientele range to easily reach out to you. The more a customer will interact with your business, the higher your odds of persuading them to continue choosing your brand over your competitors. It’s far easier for today’s digital consumer to get to know a brand through a mobile app, and your business should comply with the current requirements of tech-oriented customers.

·       Direct marketing channel

A custom application can also come with marketing effects. Besides being a game-changer in the customer service department, a mobile app will also draw attention to your brand. Expanding your potential audience of consumers will be far easier when you launch campaigns through an Android application. Various marketing tools will be made available to your organization, once you go mobile, and with more resources at your disposal, increased benefits will naturally be obtained. You can also use the application to receive feedback from your customers by conducting surveys,  running polls, allowing users to send reports on potential errors and other similar actions – the gather data will ameliorate your marketing and advertising practices.

·       Cultivate a stronger band

In an industry where competition is steep, you need to implement the right strategies in order to cultivate a strong and relatable brand. Brand awareness will be boosted as soon as you allow your clientele range to access a mobile version of your business. An app can be informative, can incorporate features users will love and can have a design that fosters interest – all of these aspects will be linked to the image of your brand. Recognition can automatically be improved, when your brand is easily associated with a mobile app that benefits from popularity.

·       A boost in customer loyalty

Maintaining a steady and sincere connection with your customers is the only way of ensuring revenue. Mobile apps have proven in various situations to determine consumers to stay closer to a specific brand. Because customer loyalty is in fact important for business success, adopting the right practices of determining customers to stay loyal to your products/services is recommended, and in today’s business climate, a mobile presence is mandatory.

·       Staying open 24/7

Keep revenue pouring in and customer satisfied by providing a 24/7 service. Your target audience can get the info they need on your brand, as well as access your offers regardless of date and hours. A 24/7 availability approach is certainly an aspect that allows you to stay ahead of competition and a preference to customers seeking convenience.

·       Android over iOS

There are two major smartphone operating systems, and both of them are excellent, despite their differences. However, when you are developing a business app, you might not have the necessary resources to create a version for both platforms, meaning you will need to decide on the right fit for you. Android should be your primary choice, and the software development company you will be collaborating with might tell you the same thing, and there are a few strong reasons for that. The most obvious factor that boosts the appeal of an Android app versus an iOS one is the number of users. Far more smartphone users prefer and utilize this platform, so you will be simply choosing the option that covers the capabilities of a wider segment of your target audience. Android is an open source platform, which means Google won’t charge you any fees for using this platform, but on the contrary, stand at your disposal with technology and tools, lowering the costs of the entire project. Faster deployment and multiple device compatibility are two other positive details that determine businesses to choose Android over iOS in the first place.

How to build a custom-made Android app – essential steps

You’ve grasped the main advantages of app development, but what needs to be done after that? A business app development project might seem complex, which means being fully aware of the recommended actions to follow is critical. You have already gotten the clarification needed to why you should choose an Android platform first, so now you will have to go through the following app development phases, for  a successful and inconvenience-free development process.

·       Research and understand your audience

Being fully aware of the needs and expectations of your target audience is the first step to take, and one of the most relevant. Each feature your Android app will incorporate should be chosen based on what your target audience actually wants and needs. The app will become the main channel of interaction between your brand and your clientele range, so you should know what your specific audience is actually interested in. From the right visual content, to the messages pushed, figure out what consumers expect from this future user experience. Marek research will give you the opportunity to get some answers here and discover what drives loyalty in the world of mobile applications. 

·       Decide on specifics

Setting goals is the only way you will be pleased with the end-results of this project. Each business needs to amok app-development decisions in correlation to its exact profile and expectations. Clarify what you would want to achieve through your mobile app, and think about these objectives when making all future decisions in the development process. Customer retention, a boost in brand recognition, increased sales, loyalty growth – each company has its own set of demands here, and you should make yours completely clear from the start. The outcomes of your efforts in this department will only be pleasing as long as you know what you want and what your business needs at the moment. 

·       Partner up with a software development company

Business-oriented decisions will fall under your responsibility, and considering your entrepreneurial wodge, reaching conclusions might not seem difficult. However, when it comes to technology, your expertise is probably limited, which means you will need to work with pros in application development. One of the most important actions here will be to find the right partner. Search for a software development company with an appealing portfolio, a firm that can understand your needs and provide you with the ultimate solution. If you collaborate with the right specialists, app development success will come as a guarantee – features, functionality, visual design, every single aspect will be on point.

·       Link your app to your website and publish it on Google play

Once you have everything figured out and your app is ready to be presented to your target audience, you can finally publish it on Google play app store and link it to your website. Your current customers are likely to download it quickly, and with the right marketing strategy, you can also make your app and your business popular among a new clientele range.

While the subject of custom-made app development for business purposes is in fact an extensive one, the factors underlined here remain the most relevant. Understanding the need of keeping up with consumerism trends and providing your target audience with a mobile version of your site can have a great marketing impact and will in fact boost profitability and increase the appeal of your brand. Migrating to the mobile real can however be a complex process, and these are the aspects that need to be carefully addressed on the topic. In order to make the right choices and to pursue an optimal project, taking into account some essential guidelines will make a difference.  

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There are several ways to locate your model number:

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Option 3
Using Samsung's model/serial number location tool

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