If there’s one thing we know about Android, it’s that every user will start complaining at some point of its performance. The screen freezes, the apps stop working – and there you are, staring at your phone for two minutes until it decides to unfreeze itself.Your Android operating system will eventually start decreasing in performance over time – and that’s a fact. At the same time, mobile operating systems were made to be light and fast for us – so with proper maintenance, you'll get your OS to bide by your will again.If you noticed that the Android operating system on your phone has become less than stellar, here are some tips to make your phone fly again.

1. Know Thy Device

It’s important that you know what your phone can or cannot handle. For example, yes, those shiny new apps may look entertaining – but too many of them can overburden your phone and cause them to perform poorly. Think about how you would walk if you carried more luggage that you could handle. The same think applies to the way your phone “walks.”

2. Update Your Android

There’s a reason why Android keeps sending these updates; to fix bugs and make your phone perform better. Now, if you haven’t updated your phone to the latest Android firmware in quite some time, you may want to do so now. Chances are high that your phone will start performing much better.

3. Update Your Apps

Most people refuse to update their apps in fear that they will cause the phone to go slower – but the truth is quite the opposite. Developers will generally work to fix any bugs, and the updated app is very likely to make your phone work faster. Plus, if you are an Instagram user and don’t update, chances are you won’t see the new Instagram tools.  

4. Remove Unnecessary Apps

If you already have a clutter of apps in your phone, you might want to start doing some cleaning. Leave the ones that you are still using and delete the ones that you no longer use. This will allow your Android system to work better.

5. Go for Smaller Apps

There are several “lite” alternatives that you can try out there – some that do not use as much memory as most apps nowadays. Apps such as Upleap, for example, will allow you to be productive – without overburdening your phone.

6. Keep Sync Turned Off

You might like the fact that your phone constantly synchronizes your data across all Google servers – but at the same time, this also affects the performance of your Android. If you really want to have your data synced, you can simply turn it on every now and again, leave it until it does its business – and then turn it off again. It’s much better than having it automatically sync every five minutes.You don’t need to buy a new phone to get a better-working Android. You just need to “clean out” your phone so that it can actually breathe.

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What's my model number?

There are several ways to locate your model number:

Option 1
On your device, go to Settings, then "About device" and scroll down to "Model number"
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