Nothing beats a cup of coffee on a late evening. However, watching movies on an uneventful day can be exciting. Some of the best movie apps aren’t free but they provide a quality service for a fair price. Many application claims to show movies and TV shows for a good time only to show ads every 10 seconds. The best movie applications for Android are not like that. Those apps do not only show best movies but also provide you with ways to enhance your experience. The list below is more of a going experience than a technical list.

Best movie apps for Android.

  1. Prime Instant Video
The app is paid per view or subscription. Sometimes, the app makes you jump before watching a movie. This is because Amazon wants people to use the application store. However, it is not wise to keep the basic app away from Google Play Store. This app provides high quality movies to watch.Features
  • Movie stream immediately
  • Video quality is high
  • Smooth interface
Special featuresPrime instant video can stream media to almost any handset available. This includes XBOX 360, PS3, PS4 and XBOX One too. Macs, PC, Android tablets and smartphones are also available for movie streaming. In case you have Android Stick plugged into a HDML Port, this application is also available for that.
  1. Netflix
The payment for this app is through subscription. This is the most reliable video streaming application available today. Netflix is popular thanks to its awesome streaming power and high quality videos. The subscription is around $8 per month. Moreover, you can watch unlimited no. of TV shows and movies.In case you are a rare consumer of the digital entertainment, you are better off watching TV shows and movies from the Google Play Store.Features
  • Awesome interface
  • You can rate your favourite movies
  • Looks awesome on tablets
Special featuresThis app can synchronize all of your handset. You can start a movie on the train home, and then continue watching the movie from the same point at home.
  1. Viewster
This application is free. Viewster is the best app for watching old views. The application is easy to use and comes with a simple interface. You’ll see TV shows and movies listed on the landing screen of the application which is convenient. New contents are listed first though there aren’t latest blockbusters there.Features
  • No sign ups required
  • Solid built interface
  • Amazing TV shows to watch
Special featuresUnlike some piracy apps which wait to buffer a movie, Viewster starts immediately. The best part of it is that you can use the auto-quality feature that scales the quality of video streaming according to internet connection.
  1. Movies by Flixter
This application is free. This isn’t a movie streaming application but it still belongs one of the best movie applications for Android. This is a movie ticket application that makes it easier to book tickets from participating theatres. You can browse the top the box office movies then go through the reviews about them right from the application.The reviews from the Rotten Tomatoes will really help you in making up your mind about a movie. The interface is really awesome and provides instant access to what you need.Features
  • Trailers can be viewed
  • Awesome Netflix integration
  • Can download movies and stream in your UltraViolet collection
Special featuresYou can look show times that match your needs. You can still know which theatre is showing what movie near you.
  1. IMDB
This application is free. It enables you to know the next blockbuster coming or about the latest movie starring. The application is also on par with the website and it’s even faster. The app shows the new movies and displays the awesome quality trailers.Features
  • Awesome application to stalk celebrities
  • A great interface that makes everything intriguing
  • Deep information about the movies you can think off
Special featuresThe application has its amazing community. The questions and forums are a great way to have insight about a specific movie trailer. You can also read goofs regarding your favourite trailer and consume trivia regarding a specific flick.
  1. Hubi
This app is free. This streaming app was developed by MegaDevs. The app supports 39 sites including YouTube, FileNuke, Vodu, 180Upload, StreamCloud etc. Users can share video links with friends to popular sites. Users can also remove ads.

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