Looking for PUBG tips, aren't we? Well, that's understandable. PUBG is one of the most competitive games out there with millions of players; be it on PC or on mobile. Being an average player means that only have a 1% chance of winning. And let's be honest, in every match, there are at least a few people who are better than you.

That being said, it's normal that you'd want to get better. And while your aim won't magically get better from moment to another, there are some things to learn which will vastly improve your performance. So, let's dig right into it!

1: Go For The Head And Learn How To Check Your Corners


Headshots deal much more damage than body shots and depending on your weapon, they may result in an instant kill. Your opponent won't even know what got him.

This probably sounds like we're stating the obvious. But, wait. There's more to it than just simply flicking to the heads of your opponents. Though, that works as well if your aim is that good.

In order to make headshots easier, you need to learn:

  1. How to clear your corners
  2. Position your crosshair
  3. Adjust your settings (More on that later)

How to Clear Your Corners + Crosshair Placement

First of all, learn how to clear your corners. Or if you know that someone is around that corner, learn how to peek as well.

If both of these words sound like Greek to you, then we probably have some work to do here.


Simply explaining with words is a bit tough as you need visualization. So, do check out this video from WarOwl. While it's for Counter Strike, the same concept applies to PUBG and most shooters - more or less.

You practically need to always have your crosshair (Or scope) at head level where your enemy might be. Obviously, that's much tougher on PUBG since the maps are huge and there are lots of buildings where enemies can hide. But, you get a hang for it with experience.

For the most effective crosshair placement, you'll also need good spatial awareness. But, more on that later.

Now, as we mentioned above, you generally want to keep your aim where your opponent may be at head level. But, what if he is behind a building/around a corner? That's where you need to clear that corner.

Cleaning a corner means that you ensure that nobody is around it while you move. To do that, simply place your crosshair right next to the corner and keep it there while you move around it or where your opponent is if you already know that he is hiding there.

Again, it's kinda tough to grasp what this means without visualization. So, do check out WarOwl's video and see how he clears his corners. It's the same thing for most shooters.

If you are good at clearing corners and correctly positioning your crosshair at head level, you'll barely have to even aim. All you need to do is shoot.

2: Find Your Optimal Settings And Guns


Finding the best settings for you is extremely important and one of the best PUBG tips that we can give you. We'd advise you to pay special attention to the sensitivity settings.

Generally speaking, when it comes to sensitivity, lower is better. After all, it allows you to aim more accurately which is precisely what you want in competitive FPS games. But, it's a matter of personal preference as well. So, you need to experiment with different sensitivity levels and go with whatever feels right for you.

You can start by slowly lowering the general sensitivity to the point that you can aim accurately while still being able to turn around if you need to. Testing scopes is the hardest part because it will take you a while to get the chance to try every kind of scope and adjust it to your preference until it feels right.

As for guns, again, it's a matter of personal preference. Different weapons have different range, recoil, damage, you generally need to find whatever you're comfortable with. Still, generally speaking, you need to know that:

  • Shotguns are most suitable for close range and can even one shot an opponent under certain circumstances
  • SMGs can handle short and medium distances but with small damage
  • Rifles can be used for all kinds of engagements, but are most suitable for medium to long range
  • Sniper Rifles are good for long-range engagements but death traps in close range
  • Pistols generally suck and should only be used as a last resort

Overall, keep that information in mind and find whatever suits you best. Most people seem to prefer shotguns for very close battles and M4s for anything else.

3: Develop Your Spatial Awareness

Spatial awareness, more commonly known as "Game-sense" is knowing the map, understanding where you currently are, and thus knowing at all times who can hit you and from where.

We consider this as one of the best PUGB tips because PUBG is a game that relies a lot on taking cover and taking on one enemy at a time. If you're just out in the open and you start shooting, you're basically exposing yourself from every possible direction.

That being said, this is particularly tough to do in the beginning of the game where there is no circle and enemies could be everywhere. After that, it gets easier.

It's obviously impossible to be 100% sure of where your enemies are. After all, you can find hundreds of small places for hiding while some people will play unpredictably. But, still, having a general sense of direction and knowing where you are exposed from can make the difference between winning and losing.

PUBG Tips: Wrapping Up

To summarize what we've learned till now:

  • Prioritize headshots over body shots
  • Crosshair positioning and clearing angles are both very important things
  • Go as low as you can on aim sensitivity. It makes you more accurate
  • Develop your game-sense, learn how to properly take cover, understand who can hit you and when.

Those are the basics that will make you much better. All you need to do is learn how to utilize them without actively thinking about them - meaning that they must become a part of your subconscious.

Some other extra PUBG tips include:

  • Use your nades. They can save your life or end someone else's
  • Keep your gun loaded. You don't wanna run out of bullets in the middle of a firefight. But, also learn when not to reload. Panic reloading at the wrong time can prove to be fatal
  • Keep your ears open. Sound can help you pinpoint the location of nearby opponents - especially if you're playing with earphones which is recommended
  • Consider landing on a less populated area so that you get higher chances of surviving the first looting stage
  • Learn how to use gun attachments. Using a 4X scope on an SMG while you've got an AK with nothing is silly
  • Fighting isn't always the best choice. There are times where you're better off laying low
  • Control the recoil
  • Stop camping. Chilling in a safe corner can easily get you far into the game but at that point, everyone will be fully armed while you'll have nothing because you didn't kill anyone to loot
  • If you're playing on a squad, focus on operating as a team rather than individuals

That's all for now. Hopefully, those tips will help you become a better player. And in the rare chance that you are reading this article but haven't tried the game, check it out, it's quite fun. Rage inducing. But, fun.

Feel like we forgot to mention something important? Got anything wrong? Then let us and everyone else know about it in the comments section down below!

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