Clash Royale is a real-time strategy-based card game that involves two players engaging in a head-to-head match. The game is played by deploying troops, spells, and buildings using the upgradable cards on your current deck, which require a certain amount of elixir for each card that replenishes with time. The player is restricted by the amount of elixir they have and the eight cards on their deck. The match lasts three minutes, with the last minute having the players get twice the amount of elixir as usual. The objective of each match is to eliminate the king's tower, which has two defense towers on each side, while also defending your defense towers and king's tower. The player loses when they've lost their king's tower to the enemy, or the time has run out and they have defeated lesser towers than the enemy player.

Being a strategy game, the mechanics are simple but winning the game isn't. The game gets trickier as you grow in terms of level, pitted against more experienced players. You'll also gain new cards as you proceed, starting with the basic ones up to high-end cards at higher levels. You can use these to swap the ones in your playing deck, depending on how you plan your strategy to defeat foes.

With over 102 cards to choose from, it can be hard to pick which ones to add to your deck and which ones do not. Fortunately for you, we have brought to you our list of the best cards this game has to offer, which will most indefinitely make your deck unbeatable. But before we get to that we would like to inform you that most of these cards are top-tier and unlocked at high levels. But fret not, we have just the thing. Just head to the Eldorado marketplace and see for yourself what they have in store to assist you. There are Clash Royale accounts that can boost your gameplay experience to the next level.

  1. Wall Breaker

Unlocked as one of the earliest cards in the game, these troops, despite being low-health, are good for dealing decent damage to buildings. They cost only 2 elixirs and are excellent when you’re carrying a quick low elixir deck. These troops are effective against buildings, confuses Bandit troops, and pair well along with the Miner troop.

  • Bandit

The Bandit is a 3 elixir troop, unlocked in the 9th Jungle Arena or through a Legendary Chest, which has a ranged-dash attack as well as a close-range melee attack. During the dash attack, the Bandit is invulnerable to any attacks coming at her, and she can one-shot several troops with the dash attack that have health points equivalent to or lower than a Goblin. She pairs up well with the Dark Prince troop. She can also cross the river with her dash, aiming at any troops in her range of 3 tiles across it.

  • Bomb Tower

The tower is unlocked at the 10th Hog Mountain arena. It is a building with moderate health and does splash damage to enemy troops in its range. It is effective in taking out swarm troops such as skeleton army and troops such as Hog Rider, and it is also effective at stalling tanks such as Giants. With a 4 elixir cost, it is a very effective card and when destroyed deploys one bomb as a last resort, which can cause splash damage.

  • Magic Archer

A 4 elixir costing Legendary troop, Magic Archer is a mix of the Wizard and Archer troops. It is excellent at attacking swarms and buildings as the arrows it fires go right through them, dealing damage to everyone in their range. It can also survive against spells such as The Log, Zap, and Arrows. It also serves as a good counter against the Graveyard card. The troop can be unlocked from the 5th Arena Spell Valley or a Legendary chest.

  • Miner

A surprise attack troop that can be deployed anywhere, is effective at taking down swarm troops for the cost of simply 3 elixirs. While not effective for Crown Towers as it deals them only 30% of its damage, it can be used as a quick way to deal the final blow on a tower and win the match. The miner will, however, deal full damage to any other buildings and spawners and is effective at taking them out. The card is of Legendary level rarity and can be unlocked at the 4th arena P.E.K.K.A’s playhouse or with a Legendary chest.

  • Skeleton Army

This is a card that spawns 15 skeletons that can be unlocked at the beginning of the game. These guys may have very few health points but are excellent at taking down building targeting troops, such as Giants. They also are great at distracting other kinds of enemy troops such as aerial troops, while other troops on your team can take them out. These troops are however instantly killed to any inflicted splash damage. These fast troops pose a threat when paired with the rage spell.

  • Cannon Cart

Cannon Cart is a building on wheels that moves at a moderate speed compared to other troops. With the cost of 5 elixirs, it is cost-effective when considered that when the cart is destroyed the cannon will plant itself at the location as a building unit. With a decent range, it works well when placed behind a tank troop, such as a Giant. The card is unlocked at the 10th arena, Hog Mountain.

  • Mega Knight

Unlocked at the 7th Arena, Royal Arena, the Mega Knight may have a high elixir cost of 7 but in terms of the benefit it brings to the player, it is a good bargain. This troop when deployed causes some splash damage and is effective at countering several different troops of similar and higher elixir costs. It works well when teamed up with the Inferno dragon, as both cover up for each other’s weaknesses.

  • Executioner

Unlocked much further in the game, at the 12th arena Spooky Town, the Executioner is a long-ranged troop that has decently high hit points and causes medium damage by throwing a boomeranging ax in a linear direction. The troop can be deployed for 5 elixirs. It can be effectively paired up with the Tornado spell and is effective at damaging a tank troop while taking down swarm troops behind or in front of the tank.

These are some of the best cards that can be unlocked at different parts of the game so that players of different levels can make use of them. You can add some of these to a deck of your own, or form up a deck entirely of these. We hope you can devise some good strategies and wish you have a good gaming experience.

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