The 21st FIFA World Cup kicks off at Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium very soon, on 14 June 2018.

In this post we’ve come up with tips that will ensure you get to your stadium seat before the whistle blows and in good spirit. The tips are mostly for all football fans who are traveling to Russia to watch the action live. But even if you are not attending the event in person, there is no reason for you not to participate virtually. You can switch on your TV and watch Russian, German, or your favorite team do their football (or soccer) thing. Or you can watch online… There are many online services offering FIFA WC free streaming, just pick one and you’re in the middle of sports action.

Get yourself a Fan-ID

First things first. As you may already know, the Russian authorities have waived visa requirements for visitors to the World Cup, but only if you are entering and leaving Russia between the 4th of June and 25th of July. If you do, then it’s mandatory that you register and apply for a Fan-ID passport at the online Fan-ID portal. The only prerequisite for this ID is that you have already purchased a ticket or tickets to one or more of the matches. In addition to permitting entry into the Russian Federation, the Fan-ID allows you to travel on public transport for free.

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Plan your trip well

Plan ahead. During the Football World Cup, the plane ticket prices will skyrocket, that is certain. However, there are some alternative ways to get to Russia for FIFA World Cup 2018. There would be connecting flights available from all the cities in the world to the Russian capital and St. Petersburg and other connecting flights from here to various other locations. But if you plan your trip well and have a little more time on hands, definitely consider taking the train between cities. It’s going to save some bucks, or rubles for that matter. Accommodation during the world cup will be extremely expensive and it makes sense to book it as early as possible. It is really worth looking at AirBnB options.

You should have already purchased your tickets, but if you haven’t, there are still chances to get your hands on one or two – monitor FIFA’s official website for last-minute rush tickets. It goes without saying that you need to know the schedule: The opening game, the one between Russia and Saudi Arabia, is on 14th June, the Round of sixteen would commence June 30th and the quarters starting from July 6 and the Final will take place on 15th of July.

Safety during FIFA 2018

Generally, traveling through Russia doesn’t present any threat. Nevertheless, FIFA warned football fans to mind their safety when traveling to Russia. Most soccer fans come to watch the games, however, some radical characters who use the opportunity to flex their muscles or test their fighting skills. Reportedly, the Russian Ultras, a radical branch of Russian soccer fans, posted pictures of themselves training and warned the English fans to get ready for a fight. Avoid being around the stadiums before and after the games and you should probably be fine. Be wary: As soon as you see the situation is escalating, get out of the crown and go to a side street to avoid being part of the commotion.

Besides, as smaller Russian cities see fewer tourists than, say, Moscow or St. Petersburg, people are less accustomed to having all kinds of foreigners walking their streets. Jut bear this in mind, do not succumb to provocations, avoid any escalation or conflict with the locals, do not walk alone after dark — follow general safety tips like that and you should be fine.

Food and water safety

If you are allergic to certain food or you are a vegan, kosher etc. person, it’s best to do your research beforehand and note down suitable stores and their locations. Russian stores may not have food products that you rely on or may be hard to find.

For water, do not use tap water without boiling it first, as it will not always be safe to drink. You may buy bottled mineral water pretty much everywhere for drinking, cooking, or washing face and hands.

Vodka and Russia go together long way back in time in Russia. It’s unsafe to buy local or home-made vodka vodka, as the cases of poisoning are quite regular in Russia where people look for ways to save money and buy cheaper vodka. Always buy labeled and untampered bottles from reputed brands or enjoy vodka in restaurants and bars.

What will the weather like during FAFA in Russia?

June will be summer, Russia being a northern hemisphere country. June is also the sunniest month in Moscow so a proper headwear is advisable. The temperatures in the Moscow City, for example, generally range in between 18 to 23C and are in their 20s in other FIFA locations. Thou0gh warm during the day, nights can be little chilly, so bring a light rain jacket.

Russian common phrases app

If you don’t know any Russian, we recommend downloading a mobile app containing some common phrases and easy language lessons. Also getting familiar with the Cyrillic alphabet may prove handy. You will be able to recognize names of places after you know their English equivalents, as it’s common that street signs and other signage is only available in one language – Russian.

Save on roaming

You can cut down communication costs by buying a local prepaid SIM card and data for your device. There are four large mobile telecoms companies in Russia – Mobile TeleSystems (MTS), Megafon, Beeline, and Tele 2 – all of which have their websites available in English, where you can even order a SIM and get it delivered to your location.

Bring a voltage adapter

Last tip: Electricity throughout the country is 220 volt/50hz with a European standard two-pin plug, so you will need to take a converter or plan to buy one in Russia.


Football fever is certain to rise starting the June 14th. And even if you are not on the way to the event, there are plenty of ways to make your home celebration super fun.

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