GALAXY Tab S2 SM-T719Y Firmware

Now you can download the latest Samsung firmwares for GALAXY Tab S2 SM-T719Y. You can flash your device with our GALAXY Tab S2 SM-T719Y firmware, we have firmwares for different GALAXY Tab S2 models such asSM-T719C, SM-T818T, SM-T817V, SM-T715N0, SM-T719, SM-T813, SM-T815C, SM-T817, SM-T817R4, SM-T818, SM-T819C, SM-T818V, SM-T818W, SM-T710, SM-T715, SM-T715C, SM-T715Y, SM-T810, SM-T815, SM-T815N0. But make sure to select the right Model number and country before installing. Do check out our downloading options for SM-T719Y firmware.

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NameModel Version Date Region / Carrier PDA
GALAXY Tab S2 SM-T719Y 7.0 November 06, 17 Singapore (MM1) T719YDXU2BQI1
GALAXY Tab S2 SM-T719Y 7.0 May 30, 18 Singapore (XSP) T719YDXU2BRB2
GALAXY Tab S2 SM-T719Y 7.0 May 30, 18 Singapore (MM1) T719YDXU2BRB2
GALAXY Tab S2 SM-T719Y 7.0 October 23, 17 Chile (CHO) T719YDXU2BQI1
GALAXY Tab S2 SM-T719Y 7.0 May 31, 17 Australia (XSA) T719YDXU2BQE2
GALAXY Tab S2 SM-T719Y 6.0.1 August 08, 16 Brazil (ZTO) T719YDXU1APF2
GALAXY Tab S2 SM-T719Y 7.0 January 15, 19 Vietnam (XXV) T719YDXU2BRK1
GALAXY Tab S2 SM-T719Y 7.0 May 23, 18 Panama (TPA) T719YDXU2BRC1
GALAXY Tab S2 SM-T719Y 7.0 December 24, 18 Peru (PEO) T719YDXU2BRJ3
GALAXY Tab S2 SM-T719Y 7.0 May 23, 18 Peru (PEO) T719YDXU2BRC1
GALAXY Tab S2 SM-T719Y 6.0.1 July 05, 16 Indonesia (XID) T719YDXU1APF3
GALAXY Tab S2 SM-T719Y 7.0 November 06, 17 Malaysia (XME) T719YDXU2BQI1
GALAXY Tab S2 SM-T719Y 7.0 July 19, 17 Chile (CHO) T719YDXU2BQF6
GALAXY Tab S2 SM-T719Y 7.0 December 24, 18 Chile (CHO) T719YDXU2BRJ3
GALAXY Tab S2 SM-T719Y 7.0 September 15, 20 Bolivia (BVO) T719YDXS2BTH1

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How to Install the Latest Firmware on GALAXY Tab S2 SM-T719Y

  1. Head over to Firmware Finder and enter the model number of your GALAXY Tab S2 as SM-T719Y.
  2. Select the firmware version you want to download based on region and release date.
  3. Download and extract/unzip the GALAXY Tab S2 SM-T719Y firmware file to your computer.
  4. Download and extract Odin file and launch the Odin installer.
  5. Reboot the GALAXY Tab S2 SM-T719Y in Download Mode.
  6. Connect your SM-T719Y to the computer and wait for "ID: COM" to turn Blue in the Odin installer.
  7. Now, add the the downloaded firmware file for GALAXY Tab S2 SM-T719Y to AP/DPA on the Odin app window.
  8. Make sure "Re-Partition" checkbox is NOT ticked.
  9. Click the "Start" button to flash the firmware on your Samsung SM-T719Y.

Here is the list of all GALAXY Tab S2 SM-T719Y Firmware available at Updato. All the firmware files available at Updato are based on the Model number, Android version, Region, Carrier Code, and PDA.

Flashing Firmware needs a lot of attention as flashing unsupported firmware files might brick your device. If you’re flashing the firmware files for the first time, you need to learn about few terms related to Firmware as they help in downloading and flashing the correct firmware file for your device.

SM-T719Y Firmware:

Here is a simple explanation of terms along with an example for better understanding.

  • Model Number/(SM-T719Y): If you’re planning on flashing your device, the device's model number plays a vital role as the firmware files are based on the model number.
  • For example, if you have Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, then the model number of the device is SM-T719Y. You need to look for Samsung Tab S2 T719Y/ Samsung Tab S2 T719Y or check for SM-T719Y in the search section to find the firmware files of your device.
  • Android Version: The firmware files of the device feature different versions of Android, and with the help of flashing Firmware, you can upgrade or downgrade the device.
  • As we are talking about Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, you can either downgrade to Marshmallow and below or upgrade to Nougat by flashing SM-T719Y Firmware.
  • Region Support/Carrier Code: Smartphones are released across the world, and as a result, there are several carrier supports for a single device. The smartphones are locked to a specific region and carrier, and in such cases, you need to choose the Firmware that matches your region and carrier.
  • PDA: PDA represents the Core OS, and if you are confused or don’t find enough information about the firmware file, you can look out for the PDA. The PDA is series of characters and numbers which gives information about the Model number, Bootloader version, and Region code support.

GALAXY Tab S2 SM-T719Y Firmware: Uses of flashing the Firmware?

Flashing of Firmware can help you fix many issues, and here are a few of them;

  • Revive your bricked device by flashing the Firmware for your device.
  • Fix unresponsive hardware on your device by flashing SM-T719Y Firmware.
  • Flashing the SM-T&19Y Firmware can help repair your device's IMEI, Baseband, Serial Number, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth-based issues.
  • Fix your device that is stuck at Boot logo/Bootloop.
  • Remove the Root access on your device.
  • If you have rooted your device and have a custom recovery, flash the Firmware to get the stock recovery back.
  • Fix the Custom Binary Block issue on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.
  • Fix the “Storage Space Full” error on your SM-T719Y.
  • Fix the crashing app issue on SM-T719Y by flashing the Firmware.
  • Fix the KNOX-related issues on your device by flashing the Firmware.

Note:Flash the correct version of the firmware file as flashing any unsupported version can brick your device.

What's my model number?

There are several ways to locate your model number:

Option 1
On your device, go to Settings, then "About device" and scroll down to "Model number"
Option 2
Often times you can view the model number inside the device, by removing the battery
Option 3
Using Samsung's model/serial number location tool

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