In an effort to stay relevant (and stay in business), HP is moving away from printers and moving towards wearable tech. Weird, but true. Even weirder, the company decided to focus specifically on one strategic piece of wearable tech to launch them, full throttle, into the 21st century.That's right. HP has just launched state-of-the-art, souped up, mind-blowingly high tech employee badges. Really, HP?Really?

Here are 7 wearable tech devices you might actually use without dying of boredom

#1: Beam me up, Scotty Tap is your father's voice recorder on steroids. It clips to your clothing, and with a single tap, can record your thoughts, connect to your favorite apps, and complete commands on your whim.It reminds me of those cool Star Trek TNG communicators, only three centuries removed.

#2: Swarovski crystals aren't just for the Kardashians Shine is to Beverly Hills as Fitbit is to Walmart.This high tech wearable looks like ordinary bling, if there is such a thing, and no one would know it's actually connected to a smartphone app that's monitoring your steps, calories and distance.Seems like something the Kardashians should have come up with.

#3: Beat your pants off your mind out of the gutter, cuz we're talking DrumPants, dude.This nifty wearable adds touch sensors inside your pants and shoes, turning your whole body into a veritable drum machine. So now all those twitches and ticks can turn into beats and grinds.

#4: The motorcycle helmet, reimagined is a motorcycle helmet that connects to your phone via bluetooth, so you can make calls, listen to music, and get updates on the go.Even better, it features a Head Up Display that projects a live video feed onto your visor, displaying a 180-degree rear view that eliminates blind spots. Cool!

#5: Dancing machine are cool kicks embedded with LEDs that connect to your smartphone. You can set custom color sequences to match your moves, music, and performance, then share your configurations online.You can also download configurations created by other Orphe users. Looks pretty sweet.

#6: One ring to rule them all is an NFC-enabled ring that never needs charging, can unlock NFC enabled locks, and makes payments, all without a smartphone. Come to me, my little precioussss.

#7: Backpack portible charging station cool backpack can charge phones, tablets and laptops. It's water resitent, has 6 USB ports, and yes, even functions as a backpack.

What's Next: Wearable tech embedded into our bodies

No, it's not science fiction. Medical devices, like the pacemaker, are the original wearable tech products, and as technology expands, our willingness to cross the divide from human to cyborg will happen incrementally over time.Google Glass combines tech with glasses, but embedding a chip into our optic nerve could turn our retinas into a Head Up Display and eliminate the need for a handset altogether.It's as cool as it is scary, yet somehow, the exhilaration of what could be outweighs my fears.

What's your take?

Would you embed electronics into your body if it meant a more enriched experience? Post your comments below, and while you're at it, check out these other great articles about wearable tech:
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