When most people think of wearable technology, they think of smartwatches. In reality, smart jewelry offers a range of functional yet stylish gadgets that perform a broad scope of functions. The world of smart jewelry is just taking off, and these are some of the best-looking and most innovative pieces on the market right now.

The Lowdown on High-Tech Jewelry

While aesthetics naturally play a major role in wearable tech, it’s the hidden functions within these nifty gadgets that really make them stand out. High-end form meets high-tech function in a collaborative effort to bring both quality and convenience to how people choose their accessories.

But that’s an important distinction to make – choosing which wearable tech to wear comes down to which functions matter most. Some people want to be able to pay for their coffee or bus ticket with the wave of a hand. Others want to monitor their sleep pattern or heartbeat without wearing a bulky armband.

So while this list contains gadgets that are currently popular, actually choosing the right one will come down to what added function a person needs in their life.

5 Amazingly Good-Looking Wearable Gadgets

1. Bellabeat Leaf Urban $99 | Bellabeat

The Bellabeat company really knows how to combine performance and style. Their signature Leaf range comes in various options, including a bracelet and necklace. This gadget acts as a sleep and fitness tracker but comes with a few added features that most women will love. There’s a menstrual cycle tracker, pregnancy tracker, stress sensor, and break reminder to keep people from sitting down for too long.

2. Ringly Luxe Smart Bracelet $165 | Ringly

Most fitness trackers look and feel like a 90’s smartwatch, but Ringly’s Luxe bracelet doesn’t look like a tracker at all. While masquerading as a silver bracelet with an emerald-cut moonstone, this pretty gizmo will track steps and calories as well as vibrate with notifications. It has different customizable vibrations and light patterns, depending on the type of notification or sender.

3. Kerv Contactless Payment Ring £79.99 | Kerv

The sole function of this ring is to make paying wirelessly easier. Well that and looking beautiful, of course. The Kerv ring works with any vendor that accepts Mastercard contactless payments and doesn’t require pairing with a smartphone. It’s made from scratch-resistant zirconia ceramic and is completely waterproof.

4. Joule Smart Earring Back $120 | Joule

This might just be the smallest wearable tech in existence and fits right on the back of an earring. The Joule Earring Back fits on any earring and functions as an activity tracker. Believe it or not, but this tiny device can track a person’s heart rate, steps, and the number of calories they burn. The only downside is that its battery lasts for just one day on a full charge.

5. Snapchat Veronica Sunglasses $225 | Selfridges&Co

Sunglasses are probably the last thing that comes to mind when people think of wearable tech (especially after those awful Google Glasses). Yet these Veronica sunglasses add a bit of pizzazz into the mix. They might look like standard sunglasses, but they actually come with polarized lenses that can take photos and record videos. All of which can be uploaded to a smartphone for sharing on social media.

Let’s Make Digital Security Popular

One of the only downsides to adopting wearable technology is the security risks that come with it. A few years back, the idea that people’s jewelry can be hacked might have seemed like some futuristic cyberpunk fantasy. Now it’s hitting much closer to reality as everything becomes more connected.

There’s no real way to assess how secure a smart ring or necklace is. And there’s no way to know it’s been hacked until the attack has already happened – usually through a connected smartphone. So it’s time to think of cybersecurity as a fashionable new accessory and add some contemporary security tools and tricks into the mix.

Wearable tech doesn’t always come with security options, but the smartphones and apps they connect to do. There are three stages to setting up secure smart tech:

  1. Research the brand and the product before buying. Look at how the company handles security and what other users have to say about it.
  2. Read through the privacy and security options when setting up a new device and enable additional security options. Things like two-factor authentication, voice recognition, biometric authentication, and password logins should be enabled where possible.
  3. High-tech devices need high-tech security solutions. Make use of tools like Android VPN apps, firewalls, and anti-malware software. Also, make sure to always keep these up to date.

Being fashionable isn’t worth the cost of being safe. Both are equally achievable by putting in a little bit of effort and forethought.

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