Too loyal of a Galaxy Note fan to abandon the series after last year’s crash and burn disaster? Here’s a roundup of the best Galaxy Note 8 cases and accessories that every owner should get their hands on right now.It’s a tough world out there with every tech brand fighting to the neck to survive the electronic nuclear war. A market where infant brands like OnePlus can flourish with their more for less attitude, you’d expect veteran brands like Samsung have their game on point every time a new device is released. The fall of Galaxy Note 7 after an “exploding” departure was a stark reminder that even the mighty can fall.However, the resurrection of the Note brand with the Galaxy Note 8 is what you should be concerned with. Charting the specs sheet with the best hardware, exquisite software renditions and Samsung’s first attempt at the dual-camera setup, Galaxy Note 8 is the premium offering that its brand is associated with.Now that the 2017 flagship phablet from Samsung is shipping out, it’s time to have a look at the best Galaxy Note 8 cases and accessories. From the official Samsung Galaxy Note 8 accessories to the best of third-party Galaxy Note 8 cases and add-ons, we’ve done our best to make this buyer’s guide the only one you’ll ever need to look into.

Best Galaxy Note 8 cases

Spending a small fortune on a high-end premium smartphone without getting the right protection is like buying a Lamborghini but skimping out on insurance. Whether you’re just a clumsy person who’s a step away from dropping their phone on the sidewalk or someone who actually values their investment, a case is your first line of defense.Here are some of the best Galaxy Note 8 cases we found on the market that is priced reasonably but still offer the quality that your smartphone deserves.

Official Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cases

Why dress up your expensive Galaxy Note 8 in third-party clothes when the real deal is out there for grabs? Samsung has launched a couple of official cases for their 2017 Note device, which follows in the footsteps of the ones released for Galaxy S8 and S8+.The first one being the most popular one, the Samsung Clear View standing flip cover case that is available in Black, Deep Blue, and Orchid Gray to complement the color of your Galaxy Note 8.VIEW PRICE   |   READ USER REVIEWS There’s also the official Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Clear Protective Case you can get for a minimal feel with maximum protection. You can go for the transparent look or go for the Black, Blue, or Orchid Gray tint for the extra dash of color.VIEW PRICE   |   READ USER REVIEWS If the flip cover look seems too old and the transparent case just doesn’t hit the right spots, Samsung has something classy to offer with the Alcantara Cover Case. Available in Black, Gray, Pink, and Khaki colors to suit your style, you get a luxurious look with some robust durability from all sides.VIEW PRICE   |   READ USER REVIEWS 

Spigen Ultra Hybrid S Galaxy Note 8 Case

When it comes to multi-functionality, most protective cases either offer a rugged feel with a kickstand or you get a minimalist look with no other additions. However, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid S lives up to its name with a transparent design that is structured to displace impact when the phone is dropped, thanks to its Air-Cushion technology.Apart from the military-grade protection that it offers, the Ultra Hybrid S Galaxy Note 8 case comes with a built-in metal kickstand to give you a landscape view on the fly. Since the metal kickstand is magnetic, you don’t have to worry about the annoying clicking sounds, while enjoying the option of Crystal Clear, Crystal Pink, and Midnight Black color schemes.VIEW PRICE   |   READ USER REVIEWS 

Poetic Revolution Rugged Heavy Duty Case

Since two sides of the Galaxy Note 8 are covered in glass with a metal bezel sandwiched between them, it is essentially an accident waiting to happen. If you’re bothered less about showing off the gorgeous glass back and more about protecting your investment, the Revolution 360-degree protection case by Poetic is the one for you.
Available in Black, Blue/Gray, and Pink/Gray colors, this rugged case comes with a shock-absorbing TPU layer, a polycarbonate shell that can withstand most impacts, and an additional layer of front-screen protection with the screen protector built right into the case. Built with premium materials through and through, the device comes with port covers to keep the dust out of the nooks and crannies, and still manages to be wireless charging compatible.VIEW PRICE   |   READ USER REVIEWS 

ALCLAP Galaxy Note 8 Battery Case

If you’re looking for some top of the line protection for your expensive Galaxy Note 8, why not get yourself a more than 100% battery boost along with it? This is exactly what the 5500mAh battery case by ALCLAP offers for the Galaxy Note 8, giving you the ability to charge your device almost twice from 0% – 100%.The battery pack comes with a charging indicator, a slot for the headphone jack and the speakers, along with a Type-C port so you don’t have to go back to the micro-USB era. While being an excellent power bank, this battery case is built to offer life-proof protection with a shock-absorbent TPU covering all around, so you never have to worry about accidentally dropping your phone again.VIEW PRICE   |   READ USER REVIEWS 

Official Samsung Galaxy Note 8 accessories

When it comes to enhancing your mobile user experience, you’d always want to start off with the accessories that are close to home. While there may be cheaper alternatives out there, you get seamless compatibility when using official Samsung accessories with your Galaxy Note 8 device. Lucky for you, there are a bunch of great gadgets that you can pair with your phablet and make the most out of it.

Galaxy Note 8 Edition Gear VR with Controller

By partnering with Oculus from the get-go, Samsung pretty much committed itself to the future of VR years ahead of the competition. Powered by a wireless controller to give you a better user experience when handling content and games on the mobile platform, Samsung Gear VR Note 8 Edition takes performance to a whole new level, while paying special attention to comfort.While the price is premium considering how cheap you can get a VR headset for these days, the 101-degree field of view on the premium cushioned VR headset is unmatched. Moreover, the gyro sensor is built right into the Gear VR itself, which improves the accuracy of most commands and actions. With a library of more than 700 apps and growing, the Quad HD display of the Galaxy Note 8 perfectly complements the Gear VR in every way.VIEW PRICE   |   READ USER REVIEWS 

Samsung Gear 360 Camera

The most exciting part about the Galaxy Note 8 is the dual-lens setup, which is a first for Samsung in the mobile arena. Since the camera performance is ever enough despite how spectacular it is, Samsung has been compelled to update its . Now capable of capturing footage in mesmerizing 4K resolution, the seamless support for Galaxy devices gives you the ability to edit and share your creations on the fly.Apart from shrinking down in size and doubling up in performance, the Gear 360 Camera now comes with an IP53 water-resistant rating for that added outdoor protection. With an expandable memory storage and connectivity across the Samsung platform with Galaxy devices and Gear VR, you get to enjoy live broadcasting support on 2K resolution anywhere at any time, without a hiccup.VIEW PRICE   |   READ USER REVIEWS 

Samsung DeX Station

Building a portable PC with Android may not be a one-step process, but it can surely be if you have a Galaxy Note 8 and a Samsung DeX Station powering it. Designed to convert the processing power of your Galaxy mobile phone into a full-fledged desktop experience, the DeX Station docks your phone, connects it to a monitor, charges it in the meantime and keeps it cool with the built-in fan.Not just that, you get a variation of ports for added connectivity, specifically 2 x USB-A 2.0, USB-C Charging, LAN Ethernet, and HDMI output. You can use these connectivity options to attach a wired mouse and keyboard or go completely wireless with the Bluetooth variants. More than just a larger screen, the DeX Station activates Samsung’s very own DeX Mode for a desktop-style user interface that gives ChromeOS a run for its money.VIEW PRICE   |   READ USER REVIEWS Samsung 128GB MicroSD EVO Select Memory CardWhile the built-in storage capacity of 64GB would be ample for most, the 4K dual-lens shooter and plenty of Ultra-HD content will keep you begging for more space. Fortunately, the Galaxy Note 8 comes with expandable storage and Samsung has capitalized on it by offering the EVO Select MicroSD card with the 128GB capacity to help you double up.Detailed as UHS-I Speed Grade 3 and Class 10 for 4K video recording and playback without any hiccups at all, it even comes paired with a durable design to last as long as your precious memories. With an exclusive 10-year warranty and a blazing-fast writing speed of 100MB/s, EVO Select MicroSD card is all you’ll ever need to quench your thirst for those extra gigabytes.VIEW PRICE   |   READ USER REVIEWS 

Samsung Level U Pro Bluetooth Headphones

While the Galaxy Note 8 offers the premium audio experience with AKG earphones right out of the box, being tied down by wired earphones may not seem like the best idea. To keep things wireless, Samsung offers its Level U Pro Bluetooth wireless in-ear headphones that come with “ULTRA High Quality Audio” compatibility.Available in Black, Blue, Purple, and Bronze, the in-ear headphones are designed for comfort right from the start with a lightweight frame that’s barely there. The Urethane Joints are flexible enough to accommodate different head sizes, while the built-in noise-canceling microphone is perfect to start connected while on the go.VIEW PRICE   |   READ USER REVIEWS 

Samsung Gear S3 Classic

The most beloved feature of the Galaxy Note 8 can also be a negative factor for some – its massive footprint. Since checking a notification, answering a call, or toggling an alarm are some of the more common reasons you need to pop your phone out every time,  Samsung Gear S3 Classic is the perfect companion for the job.Unlike most Android-oriented smartwatches, Samsung has opted for its Tizen OS to power Gear S3 Classic instead of Android Wear, but that is far from a drawback. With the ability to make mobile payments right from your watch with Samsung Pay, a built-in GPS for fitness and security and a military-grade build quality that always looks good, Gear S3 Classic just the partner in crime for a device like the Galaxy Note 8.VIEW PRICE   |   READ USER REVIEWS 

Essential Galaxy Note 8 accessories

Apart from all of the coolest Samsung Galaxy Note 8 accessories built by the manufacturer itself, there’s a little more than only third-party brands offer. Whether you’re looking for a jumbo power bank that keeps your smartphone going for days, or some tech to keep your phone handy while driving, here are a handful Galaxy Note 8 essential accessories.

Anker PowerLine+ USB Type-C to USB 3.0 Cable

After making a decent amount of investment on your Galaxy Note 8, the most frequently used accessory that you get out of the box is the USB charging cable. Since the official cable can only last so long, you’re going to need the Anker PowerLine+ USB Type-C to USB 3.0 cable.Available in a gentle Grey and Red color options, the entire cable has been double-braided with industrial grade nylon for a tangle-free experience. The materials used in the cable make it strong enough to support 80 kilograms of weight, while the lengthy 6 feet cord ensures that you never end up short when charging your Galaxy Note 8.VIEW PRICE   |   READ USER REVIEWS 

Spigen Magnetic Car Mount Kuel

For those of you who drive to work or drive a lot in general, it won’t take you long to realize that the Galaxy Note 8 is too large for most compartments, even the dashboard mat. Fortunately, there’s a nifty solution to this issue in the form of theSpigen Magnetic Car Mount Kuel.Simply look up the mount to your car’s A/C vent, attach the magnetic plate to the back of your phone or the case and you’re all set. Moreover, the mount is compatible with Spigen’s QNMP Cases, which means you won’t be needing the magnetic plate attached to the back of your phone if you have a Spigen QNMP case already installed.VIEW PRICE   |   READ USER REVIEWS 

Anker 20000mAh PowerCore Portable Charger

The only complaint most Galaxy Note 8 users would have is the fact the device comes with a smaller battery capacity than even the slightly smaller Galaxy S8+. While being conservative with the battery capacity is understandable (considering the battery issues of the Galaxy Note 7), you’ll probably need a portable battery pack around. This is where Anker offers a one-stop solution to end all your battery woes, with the mammoth 20000mAh PowerCore Portable Charger.Equipped to charge your Galaxy Note 8 from 0-100 more than five times, in theory, the PowerCore battery pack from Anker comes with integrated Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 support for faster power-ups. Moreover, Anker has also packed in some of its proprietary technology, namely PowerIQ and VoltageBoost to help you get the most out of every charge, along with MultiProtect safety system.VIEW PRICE   |   READ USER REVIEWS 

Aukey Dual Ports Car Charger Quick Charge 3.0

When it comes to charging technology, the Galaxy Note 8 is already ahead of the curve, as it comes with Quick Charge 4.0 compatibility. However, the technology hasn’t caught up with the majority of accessories manufacturers, which is why you will need the premium-grade Quick Charge 3.0 car charger from Aukey to keep you juiced up on the road.Intended to be an affordable and dependable way to get faster-charging speeds every time, the dual-port setup of the Aukey car charger has a small footprint. With up to 2.4A dedicated charging output speeds, the smart technology adapts the current according to the device you’re charging for optimal battery cycles with every power up.VIEW PRICE   |   READ USER REVIEWS Are you among the newest Galaxy Note 8 owners who are sifting through the internet to find the latest and great accessories? Which is your personal favorite among the best Galaxy Note 8 cases and accessories mentioned above? Be sure to add a great product to the comments section if you feel it deserves to be on the list, or start a new conversation about the Galaxy Note 8 on the Updato Forum.

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