Whether you use an iPhone or an android device, you’re not safe online. Far too many organizations are in the business of snooping and collecting user data, from ISP providers and government agencies to social media giants and retail stores.

If you want to surf the Internet safely, we suggest you install a mobile VPN. Many iOS devices come with a VPN. But if you use an android device, there’s a chance you’ll need to install a third-party VPN client. Here are tips to help you choose the right VPN app.

1—Security and Trust

One of a VPN’s job is to secure your data so that it’s not intercepted by ISP providers, hackers and governments. VPNs use varying data encryption techniques and traffic tunneling protocols and they all have their benefits and drawbacks.

PPTP and IPsec protocols, for example, provide a fair degree of security and speed. But they’re not as safe as OpenVPN—the most popular tunneling method. When it comes to encryption, the standard method is 256-bit, which offers a military-grade level of encryption.

Securing your data is great, but it’s not entirely helpful if you can’t trust your VPN provider. A trustworthy Virtual Private Network doesn’t collect your logs, at least not data about what you do on the Internet and sensitive personal information. It also acts transparently and doesn’t conspire with governments to tell its their customers.


A VPN app interface plays a crucial role in determining whether you get a smooth or frustrating experience. If it’s simple to install and deploy, then you’ll love the VPN app. If it’s buggy and activating the VPN takes more time than necessary, you won’t enjoy your experience.

The best VPNs tend to have simple interfaces. There’s a place to log into your account. Then there’s an icon to connect safely to the quickest server available. What’s more, you can choose specific servers or configure the interface.

In light of that information, compare several VPN apps before you choose the ideal one. Test how easy it’s to choose a server location, and whether the VPN stays connected continuously. Use apps with free trials to test each company’s services. That way, you’ll get a better overview about VPNs besides their interfaces.


VPNs are often accused of slowing down Internet connections. There’s some truth to this. Their job is to encrypt data to protect your privacy and tunnel your traffic through one or more servers, some that could be located in a different country or continent.

Due to that, many VPNs impact your Internet speed negligibly or significantly. The best providers, though, are so fast that you can’t detect a difference in your Internet speed. They support downloads of up to 80Mbps and uploads of 40Mbps.

Read reviews to discover the upload and download speeds of every VPN out there. Usually, the big brands provide the best speeds. So, if you need a speedy provide to stream content or torrent, choose one of the top-rated companies.

4—Number of Servers and Locations

The number of servers and their locations can determine the best VPN app for you. Picture this. You want to visit China for a couple of months. The government bans social media, Google, YouTube and many websites in the west.

To access these sites, you need a VPN in nearby countries. That way, you can access social networks without compromising on speed. If you travel regularly, you need a VPN with servers in many locations. Fortunately, the top providers have servers in over 50 countries.

Some operators have VPNs in all continents, including Antarctica. Of course, it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to use a server in Antarctica. But you can benefit from a provider with multiple VPNs in your country or a location you’re interested in.

5—Ability to bypass Geo-Restrictions

One of the most important features of an android VPN is to bypass Geo-blocking. Roughly 50% of people install a VPN to access better entertainment. That means they want a tool that can help them watch Netflix US from Europe, Asia and the rest of the world.

They want to access Facebook, Instagram or Twitter if they live in China. Or they want to find gambling websites if they live in Arab countries. All the same, a good VPN can help you bypass Geo-restrictions. But there’s one caveat. Many providers have their limits.

Although some VPNs can help you download social media apps, they struggle to unblock Netflix US, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and other entertainment sites. With that in mind, take time to find a VPN app that can download your favorite entertainment sites.

6—Decide on a Payment Plan

Let’s face it. The best VPNs cost money. But then again, you can always use a free VPN. The only problem is that you can’t be assured of your security. What’s more, free VPNs don’t come with the many benefits top-tier VPNs provide.

If you choose a premium VPN to get quality services, decide on a payment plan. VPNs cost as little as $1 to $14 per month. Usually, they charges are lower if you buy a long-term plan, let’s say an annual or bi-annual plan.

Your price plan will ultimately be affected by the VPN brand you choose and the services you want. To expound more, some companies charge you more to get a dedicated IP address and antivirus protection. Likewise, you need to pay more if you want to use your VPN across multiple devices.

7—Extra Features

If you’re going to pay for a VPN, you might as well choose the best VPN available. So, look out for add-on features to determine which company gives you the best value for your money. Do they have a feature to integrate with tor browser? Can you download files on torrent sites and are there dedicated servers for that?

Look for add-on features that you need. Maybe you want a VPN with an antivirus or a company that also works on your laptop. Or you want a VPN with a feature for making safe crypto transactions—ensure the features are helpful.

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