Outside of the courtroom, Apple and Samsung have passive aggressively attacked one another through their ad campaigns. Samsung mockingly depicted iPhone enthusiasts who camp outside Apple stores for the latest iPhone. Samsung portrayed iPhone users as old and out of touch, and the iPhone as something only old people would use–how uncool is that? Apple on the other hand, has recently responded with its own add campaign It’s more powerful than you think presumably in response to the constant criticism that the iPhone is restrictive and so simple it belongs in the hands of your grandma. But, is one phone truly better than the other? Well, that is a question that its answer is heavily weighed by opinion. Since both companies began to fight over a majority hold of the mobile market, Samsung has proven itself better at what Apple once pride itself on –innovation.Steve Jobs once declared that he would never produce a 7inch iPad. Steve Jobs never did. But his successor Tim Cook sure did. He had to, because he couldn’t ignore the success other 7inch Android tablets were enjoying. Stepping back from its ideological (some would say narrow-minded) views arguably marked Apple’s decline as the leading mobile innovator. Apple, again, finds itself considering changing its philosophy. Apple once claimed that the smartphone didn’t need a larger screen., and that 4.8 inches was the perfect size. It even launched an ad campaign to demonstrate the advantages of a smaller screen. It showed a thumb effortlessly reaching one corner of the iPhone to the other —perfect. However, following Samsung’s success with a 5.6inch screen Apple is facing increasing pressure to introduce its own larger screen sized iPhone. If it doesn’t, it will be at risk of falling further behind from Samsung.Everything that Apple is expected to produce is something Samsung has already set the standard for —multi tasking on mobile devises, smart watches, and a larger display for cellphones. Leading up to Apple’s developer conference, there was a lot of rumors that Apple would announce its new iPhone, expectedly with a larger screen, and that it would also announce a new line of smart watches. Apple announced neither. There wasn’t any talk of hardware. Yet, its new software generated new rumors that the new developer tools hinted towards a new larger iPhone, and the new fitness app could only mean an upcoming smart watch. Again, no new hardware was officially announced, but clearly Apple enthusiasts desperately want Apple to take note (pun intended) of what Samsung has done.Apple has no choice but to adapt to Samsung’s market. Its new iOS 8 will introduce a bit of customization to iPhone users, something that has been old news to Samsung early adopters. Considering Apple’s future moves, it isn’t hard to believe that Samsung is leading the direction of mobile trends. So why doesn’t Samsung get the credit it deserves? Part has to do with its Next big thing campaign. It alludes to Samsung’s innovative, market-changing products but it also highlights Samsung’s need to continually remind us that it is better than Apple. Its marketing strategy is hindered by its spiteful attitude towards Apple.Most importantly, Samsung isn’t praised for its innovations because its eco system is nothing compared to Apple’s. Samsung has changed the hardware market, but until it gives its customers a reason to stick around, its market share will fall behind. As of now, Samsung users can easily opt out from a new Samsung phone, go to any other Android manufacturer and still retain their purchased apps, music, videos etc. —Apple users cannot. Because Apple users have invested so much into Apple’s eco system, they are more willing to wait and hope that Apple does something different. Even if they don’t, customers are less likely to switch manufactures because that would also mean giving up all their purchases. Samsung, at this moment, can only retain its customers by enticing them with new gadgets and feature-loaded phones. For Samsung to be recognized for its innovations, it too has to innovate the software field. Written by Juan RenteriaBio: I have worked in the mobile industry since the Samsung Captivate first launched. I am a Techie enthusiast and an English major from San Jose State. I write, I read, I live on the Internet.

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What's my model number?

There are several ways to locate your model number:

Option 1
On your device, go to Settings, then "About device" and scroll down to "Model number"
Option 2
Often times you can view the model number inside the device, by removing the battery
Option 3
Using Samsung's model/serial number location tool

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