With the competition in the smartphone market it is not hard to see handset manufacturers being influenced by their competitors to make something similar. We have seen it in Apple developers, Windows, Android and not to mention Google doing it. If you are a user, there shouldn’t be a problem as this is all for your end benefit after all, pushing the smartphone manufacturers to go the extra mile in terms of creativity and innovation. Along with its new generation iPhones, Apple has outdone itself with the introduction of its new iOS 9 operating system. However with its former releases, Apple seems to merely improve upon what its competitors have already cooked up. This article is meant to share some of the features iOS 9 from Apple has ‘borrowed’ from Android as seen before from multiple Android devices.

The Apple Stylus/ Pencil

The release of iPhone 6S and iPad by the Apple company unveiled a stylus by the name of the Apple Pencil. This stylus came with innovative capabilities such as sensors to sense pressure, angle and more to give an even smoother writing experience on your handset screen. However we have seen this gadget numerous times before on Android, from Samsung’s Galaxy Note lineup with Galaxy Note 10 and Note 12 also featuring the same.

Live Photos

Apple announced that iPhone will be giving users a new unconventional way of capturing images. This feature is called Live Photos and is basically a GIF that shows your photos in action for like 2 seconds before and after taking the shot. Users of the feature can long press the photo to playback the ‘short video’ photo. Nonetheless, with the debut of HTC One M7 in 2013, the Galaxy S5 and even the S6 they had something very similar, with their captured 1-3 seconds long live photos.

Siri the Proactive Voice Assistant

In Apple’s iOS 9 voice assistant Siri acts as a reminder, search tool and more, with Apple stating that it is much smarter and fast. Users can now ask Siri to remind them about an upcoming event, and because of its proactive features it will make an entry on the calendar, alarm and the reminders on your phone. The voice assistant will remind you that the event is approaching, tell you how long it will take to get somewhere even informing you about the traffic situation around your location. You can even ask Siri to show you photos and it will instantly search online to bring them to your screen.This is all great and all, but we have seen Android with the same features with Ok Google, Google and most of all Google Now, which lets you do all the above and more. From setting an alarm, searching online, and even switching on your flashlight.

Split Screen Multi-tasking

Apple introduced iOS 9 with a highly anticipated feature, the ability to run two apps at the same time along with users having a split screen view. This means that users can now browse the web while watching Netflix simultaneously on the same screen with ease. This will however only be available on iPad Air 2 and Apples Pro. Users of Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy S6, LG G3, and Galaxy Note 3 have already been enjoying this neat feature. With some Galaxy Tablets being lucky enough to be able to open up to four split windows on one screen.

iOS Notes

Following the trend set by note-taking apps such as Evernote, Google Keep and the like, the iOS 9 also features a Note application. Apple iOS 9 Not app lets you note down important things by either using your voice or taking a snapshot to save to save to the app. The Notes is much more feature-oriented but users of Android have been taking advantage of all this awesome features on third party Android apps; with Samsung Galaxy Note series boasting a longer list of the identical features.

Keyboard Shortcuts Bar

Apple’s Quicktype keyboard got a boost with a new shortcut bar that makes it easier for users to easily cut and copy texts, add images or media files to messages, apps, and emails straight from the handset’s keyboard. However Android has witnessed all this functions for a while now, from their stock keyboard, third party apps such as SwiftKey and Swype and even manufacturers keyboards.

Upper and Lowercase Shift Key

Previously missing in iOS was the shift key button that has always complemented Android devices. This addition makes the former all letter in capslock keyboard a thing of the past with its now uppercase or lower typing easily accessible to users.

Apple IOS Maps

Google Maps has been a versatile tool for finding direction because of its public transport information available to users, from finding routes to trains, buses and even informing users the length of time of moving from one destination to another. Android and iOS users have been enjoying the app for years since its introduction, but with the new iOS 9 Apple comes with its own Apple Maps app. Apple Maps not only offers direction to public transport, it also helps users find the nearest eateries or bars along with places that accept Apple Pay.

Picture-in Picture Display Feature

This feature was first offered to Galaxy S3 some years back, it entails re-sizing a video to continue watching it on your screen as you do something else on the same screen. Using this, you could easily send your emails as you enjoy the video to favorite song, and go back to full screen as soon as you are done. This feature is now available to iOS 9 updated Apple devices.Have you tried out any of these new features? Where do they work better? Let us know in the comments.

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