It has been 7 years, and the Android and iOS debate still rumbles on in real life and in the internet forums. Both platforms have come a long way and the old arguments still rumbles. What features separate the Android 5.1 Lollipop from the iOS 8.3?Android allows you to swap out one SMS application or dialer for another and also supports the home screen widgets whereas iOS is the Apple’s software and you either accept it or find another different smartphone. This is one of the major differences known by many.The second difference is that Google applications run on iOS whereas Apple programs and application are nowhere on Android. Moving your contacts, emails, photos, documents, movies from Android to iOS is easier than transferring them the other way.

Differences Between iOS and Android

1. Notifications and Interface

The clean, flat and sharp lines of iOS 8 make it outstanding. Google’s colorful and bold Material Design unifies the visual experience across all the application.Both platforms are simple on the eye, if you have become used to one you may not care for another. Overall, the iOS has a more refined aesthetic whereas Android carries more of an impact.Notification work similarly and the difference that exist between the platforms are subtle and small. Android makes it easier to respond and clear to alerts on the notification drawer while the iOS allows you set the notification styles on an app by app basis.About customization, in-app sharing, there is a huge contrast. Google’s carriers are able to share pretty much stuff from any file through any application while the iOS lags behind in app sharing.

2. Apps & Ecosystem

Both Google and Apple offer great sets of native application to get you running, though Google’s apps are available on iOS. In Hangouts Android has an awesome overarching messaging service which works almost anywhere, though FaceTime and iMessage are more polished.Google releases smaller application like Google Keep and Field Trip on Android smartphones first as well as updating the bigger applications on Android before getting to iOS.iOS have been strong on third party application and that stills holds now.  The iPhone got in first with App Store and it is easier to coder for with less fragmentation.

3. Security, Stability, Performance

The Touch ID is a great win for iOS and has an awesome experience of unlocking a smartphone or verifying a purchase. Some flavors of Google’s carriers, Android are trying in without much success to catch up. Samsung is the manufacturer company that has brought the fingerprint sensing tech to Android devices.With the Android Lollipop, you do have ability to ‘trust’ areas and devices so that the PIN code is disabled automatically. Android Lollipop has joined iOS in offering full encryption by default.In App security, there is no doubt that Google’s Android is not as locked down as iOS is. This means that is simpler to install unauthorized software on your handsets. Google had confirmed that all applications are reviewed by its stuff prior to approval.As for stability and performance, Android is a big win. According to the most recent data from Crittercism points, iOS recorded a crash rate of 2.26% while Android 5.0 Lollipop recorded a crash rate of 2.2%.In the security department, iOS wins with a slight margin.

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