As we all know, WhatsApp is one of the World’s most popular and best messenger apps. In this era of technology and communication, almost everyone uses WhatsApp on a daily basis to get in contact with other users. 

If you want to monitor any specific person’s activities, then there is nothing better for you than monitoring the WhatsApp account of that user. Besides personal use, parents also want to keep an eye over their children’s activities and WhatsApp spying the best solution for that type of monitoring needs.

Most of you might not be familiar but you can actually use spying apps for spying on any WhatsApp account. Yes, WhatsApp spying is possible and you don’t have to earn any hacking skills or prior experience to do so. These phone spying apps are easily accessible online where you can purchase service plans according to your requirements. One you would have to keep in mind that always use professional and reliable phone spying apps because some companies offer nothing but fraud and poor services.

We got five best spying apps that you can use to spy on anyone’s WhatsApp

5 Best WhatsApp Spying Apps

There are many phone spying companies working online but not all of them are trustworthy. Spying on any phone device is such a sensitive task to perform in terms of security and data. Many users do buy subscription plans of unauthorized and unsafe phone spying services that cost them money and data as well. So, following this issue, we have got the 5 best phone spying apps that you can trust to monitor any phone activity including WhatsApp.

Let’s check out those 5 amazing WhatsApp spying apps.

1- Spyier - Innovative Spy App

Spyier is a well-established and one of the best spy apps for WhatsApp. This spy app is the trust of millions of customers around the World. Spyier spy app is designed according to the standards and requirements. Almost every phone spying feature has been added to this modern phone monitoring app. Using this phone spying app doesn’t require any technical knowledge or professional experience.

This spying app supports almost all smartphone devices like Android and iPhone. From tracking calls to third-party apps spying, every spy feature is provided in order to facilitate users. The most amazing thing about this app is that it doesn’t require Root or Jailbreak sort of attempts.

Spyier is an ideal phone surveillance solution for parents, managers, and every other individual who is looking forward to spy on any phone device for personal use. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Spyier's official website and download the spy app. Now, why not have a look at some of the cool spying features of this app?

Features of Spyier Spy App

There are over 30 features of this phone spying app Spyier. Every feature is well optimized and managed according to the user’s needs. Let’s find out what are the primary spying features of Spyier.

Track Phone Calls

A brilliant and most important feature for tracking all incoming and outgoing calls of the target phone device. Very simple and easy to use without any issues, you can find out call durations as well. 

Track Text Messages

Spy on any target device to read text messages either sent or received. You can also view deleted messages as well along with media contents of messages as well. Support for reading iMessages is also provided.

Track Phone Location

One of the most popular spying features that users can use to track the location of any particular target device they want to spy on. This feature allows you to find out the WiFi and GPS-based location of the phone device.

WhatsApp Spy

This feature is what most of the people are looking for in order to track the WhatsApp activities of other users. Read all private and group messages of WhatsApp account of that device you are monitoring.  

Get access to multimedia content of WhatsApp like pictures and videos along with contact details.

Besides WhatsApp spy, you can also spy on other third-party apps like Viber, Instagram, Snapchat, and others. Other spying features like SIM tracker, Geofence Alert, Website History tracker and many more.

2-  Minspy

Minspy is another amazing spy app that you can trust on. This application is a reliable and smart app to spy on WhatsApp. Using this fabulous spy app, you can track any phone device as per your preferences. Very easy and simple phone spying solution to use for everyone.

It doesn’t matter that either you are a security expert or a normal user, you can use it easily because every option is visible and accessible. Also, you can track both iPhone and Android devices for any of your use according to your preferences. Company managers can use this phone tracking solution to keep an eye over their employers for a safety concern.

You can grab IMEI number, SIM-based location, geofence alerts and many other details about the target device using this phenomenal spy app Minspy. So, this is the most recommended spy app for users who are looking forward to monitoring any phone device.

3- Spyic

Spyic is one of the secure and stable phone monitoring services in the world right now. This app can be considered as the best parental control and remote monitoring spying app. If you are looking for a complete phone surveillance solution then there is nothing better than Spyic.

Professional and standard spying algorithms have been used in this Spyic spy app. This app is equipped with some of the latest phone spying features. These features are designed according to modern requirements.

Parents love their children more than anyone in the World, they always make sure that their children are safe. To keep an eye on Children’s location and their activities, Spyic is the best solution for you to monitor your Children. Using Geofence alert, you would be able to set up specific areas and if your child will cross that zone, you would be notified through an alert. There are dozens of amazing phone spying features for you to explore throughout the whole spy app.

4- Cocospy

Cocospy is a renowned and well-established phone spying service around the World. This powerful spying app allows you to track iPhone and Android devices without any risk. You would not have to Root your Android device nor Jailbreak your iPhone device.

Another best thing about this spy app is that it is 100 % undetectable. Like if you are spying on any target smartphone device then the device owner would not be able to catch you tracking his phone. The reason for being an undetectable spy service is that this app always runs on Stealth Mode.

Track call logs, text messages, location, social media apps, website history, and many other tracking practices can be done using the Cocospy spying app. These spying features reflect professionalism and the standard spying approach that has been used in this spy app.

5- SpyFone

Last but not least, SpyFone is another advanced and professional phone spying app. Millions of users trust this app to perform their phone monitoring tasks on a daily basis. The quality and standard of this spying service is what attracts most of the customers around the World.

SpyFone app has features like call monitoring, message monitoring, Application blocking, live control panel, Remote control, Live viewing control, real-time location tracking and dozens more. This spying app has a lot of latest and brilliant features that give a strong control to users over that particular phone device they want to monitor.

Compatible with iPhone and Android. Totally safe and reliable phone surveillance solution to work with in order to perform safe phone tracking. This phone spying app is also an undetectable app to keep everything secret and safe. Check out the official website of SpyFone to find out more how this spy app works.

Hoping that going through will help you in choosing the right phone spying app according to your requirements. Every phone spying app can be used easily by following simple steps to spy on any phone device. Remember that you can try a demo of each spy app by click on the Demo option by visiting the app's official website. Check out official websites of these 5 spying apps and get to know more how these phone spying apps work.


After reviewing some of the top 5 phone spying apps, we can say that these apps are ideal for users to choose any app to spy WhatsApp, Facebook, and other third-party apps as well. These spying apps support both Android and iPhone without asking users to perform processes of Root or Jailbreak. Spyier should be a top priority for every user to spy on any target phone device without getting detected.

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