Today, phone surveillance is no longer a preserve of government agencies. Thanks to the development of smartphone apps, many monitoring apps exist. However, choosing the best performing app is a daunting challenge.

If you settle for the wrong monitoring app, you are stuck with it. Fortunately, we have compiled the top 5 monitoring apps for iPhone and Android in 2020. These phone monitoring apps provide unrivaled surveillance performance.

Part 1: Spyic

Spyic is the leader in the mobile phone monitoring industry. The app uses advanced monitoring features that differentiate it from the crowd. With Spyic, you get a reliable phone monitoring app for parents and business owners.

Spyic is versatile, which goes a long way in making Spyic the best phone monitoring app. If you have been looking for spy apps for iPhone and Android, the Spyic is a worth app. This web-based spy app monitors a phone remotely.

The app has gained the attention of multiple media outlets such as Forbes and the New York Times. Besides, millions of users across the world trust Spyic to monitor the activities of their target remotely.

Benefits of using Spyic

Spyic provides a lot of benefits to its users. Below are some of them:

1. No rooting or jailbreaking necessary

Unlike most phone monitoring apps, Spyic doesn’t require rooting Android or jailbreak iOS devices. To achieve this milestone, the app uses the latest phone monitoring technology.

Besides, jailbreaking or rooting requires technical know-how and takes hours to be successful. Also, rooting or jailbreaking a smartphone voids its warranty and makes the user vulnerable to malware online.

2. Works in stealth

To avoid detection, Spyic works in stealth. The app runs in the background to avoid interfering with phone performance. Also, it doesn’t use recognizable system resources such as phone storage, memory, or power.

What’s more, on iPhone the app doesn’t require the installation of the app. Spyic allows you to monitor the target iPhone without touching it. The app uses iCloud backup to monitor all iOS devices.

On Android devices, the app requires one-time access to the device to install the app. After installation, Spyic deletes its icon automatically and disguises itself in installed apps. Also, spyic allows you to uninstall the app remotely.

3. Safe

Spyic doesn’t gather data from third-party apps to store on its server. The app is unable to access such data. Besides, you are the only one who can access the information collected from the target device.

4. Access to multiple features

With spyic, you get more than 35 phone monitoring features. The app allows you to monitor virtually everything from email, text messages, social media to phone whereabouts.

Also, Spyic gives you a keylogger feature that captures all the keystrokes on the target phone. The feature allows you to know even the usernames and passwords the phone user uses online.

Using Spyic to monitor iPhone and Android

It takes several steps to use Spyic for all your phone monitoring needs. Below are the steps involved.

Step 1: Visit the official Spyic website to sign up for an account. Also, choose a plan you feel is appropriate.

Step 2: Configure the target phone.

If the target uses an iPhone, you need to provide their iCloud credentials and verify. However, for Android devices, you need to install the app on the target.

Step 3: After setting up the target phone, click the Finish button to finalize the setup process. Spyic will sync all the information before taking you to your Spyic dashboard.

Step 4: In your dashboard, Spyic gives you access to every feature you will need to monitor the phone. The access panel is to the left which makes scrolling and monitoring easy for anyone.

Part 2: Spyier

Spyier is another top smartphone monitoring app. The app comes with advanced spying features that include social media surveillance and a keylogger. The app supports the monitoring of iOS and Android devices.

As one of the best phone monitoring app, Spyier doesn’t require compromising the security of the target. Spyier avoids jailbreaking iOS or rooting Android devices through the use of cutting-edge technology.

This a multipurpose app that is used by everyone from parents to companies to protect what they value. Besides, the app ensures all the monitoring activities take place in the background to avoid arousing suspicion.

Part 3: Minspy

Minspy is undoubtedly a top phone monitoring app that is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The app provides a lot of phone motoring features that give you access to almost everything.

With Minspy, all the phone motoring activities take place remotely. To access all the details gathered from the target smartphone, you only need to log in to Spyic. All the activities taking place on the target device are accessible here.

Thanks to its use of technology, you don’t have to compromise the security of the target smartphone. Minspy also works in stealth to ensure all its activities remain undetectable by the target smartphone user.

Part 4: Spyine

Another popular phone monitoring app is Spyine. With Spyine, you get to monitor everything from text messages to social media activities on the target smartphone. This is a comprehensive phone monitoring apps.

It runs in stealth mode so you won’t have to worry about your target noticing your activities. Best of all, you don’t have to root or jailbreak the target smartphone for the app to work.

The app offers amazing features. With Spyine, you get advanced phone monitoring features. The app allows you to access GPS coordinates of the target device and monitor virtually any installed app on the phone.

Part 5: Cocospy

Cocospy is among the first smartphone monitoring apps. It delivers some amazing features and capabilities we’ve come to expect from reliable apps. For instance, no rooting Android or jailbreaking of iOS devices necessary.

The app also runs in the background to avoid interfering with the target phone performance. Cocospy is a web-based monitoring app that lets you monitor your target phone remotely via a web browser.

Some of the features you get with this app include a keylogger, access to social media, and online activities. The app is used by both parents and business owners for their monitoring needs.


For a phone monitoring app to be a top contender in 2020, it must deliver reliable monitoring features. Also, the app must be easy to use and avoid the need for technical know-how from its users.

The phone monitoring apps in this article are easy to use and provide a reliable service. So, you choose any to start monitoring your target smartphone.

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Top 5 Monitoring Apps for iPhone and Android in 2020

Top 5 Monitoring Apps for iPhone and Android in 2020

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