We have sifted through hundreds of new releases to find you the very best Android apps and games, all fresh on the Google Play Store. Want a new game to waste your time on? Or perhaps something more productive? We have it all.

The Room: Old Sins

the-room-old-sinsFireproof Games returns with the fourth installment of its popular series, The Room: Old Sins. In this chapter, the disappearance of an engineer and his wife leads to a search for his precious artifact. For those unfamiliar with The Room, it merges puzzle solving with mystery and is well liked on mobile for the challenge and breadth of content.The Room: Old Sins is the most expensive of the series, so if you are new to The Room start off with the first episode which only costs $0.99. If you like that you can work your way up to the $4.99 purchase for Old Sins.
Price: $4.99 | Get it on Google Play

Craft Warriors

craft-warriorsCraft Warriors is a blocky PvP strategy game, where you create or join clans and fight other groups of players. You can create your own unique character, craft items, and build your town using resources looted from defeated rivals.Translimit Inc, the developer behind Craft Warriors, originally launched the game in New Zealand. It is still very popular, second in strategy, and has finally landed stateside.
Price: Free (contains ads and in-app purchases) | Get it on Google Play


grasshopperWant to learn how to code? Grasshopper is a new JavaScript coding app for beginners. It teaches you the fundamentals of the language, then moves onto harder challenges, with real-time feedback at every stage.It's currently JavaScript only, but more languages may be added in the future.The team that designed the app is part of Google's experimental products workshop, Area 120. This is the first project by the workshop to be released on Google Play.Price: Free | Get it on Google Play


joltzJoltz is a new take on The Impossible Game, which involves avoiding the spikes while the number of objects and speed of the track increases. In Joltz, the player receives a boost after finishing a lap, these include an extra life and slow motion.Even though the app has a high review score, a lot of players are unhappy about the high volume of adverts, which occur after every game.Price: Free (contains ads and in-app purchases) | Get it on Google Play


bleentoroFans of real-time strategy and resource management games, like Factorio, should take a look at Bleentoro, the newest release from Yiotro. Players build ever more complex networks of resources to complete missions or can build to their heart's content in sandbox mode.Yiotro has already released a few well-received strategy games, including Antiyoy and Achikaps.
Price: Free | Get it on Google Play

Boom Blaster

boom-blasterBoom Blaster is a turn-based trajectory shooter, similar to Worms. Players must find an advantageous spot and defeat the other team. Alongside a PvP mode, players can also join forces to take down boss monsters.
Price: Free (contains in-app purchases) | Get it on Google Play

321 Launch

321-launchUSA Today has launched an augmented reality (AR) app that follows the trajectory of an active space launch. All the user needs to do is move the follow the rocket from the ground to the sky, with information on speed, acceleration, and altitude available.Alongside active simulation, 321 Launch has detailed videos on rocket assembly, readying the launch-pad, and separation of individual rocket parts in space.The Space X Falcon 9 is available now and ULA's Atlas V is coming soon.
Price: Free | Get it on Google Play

Rocket Valley Tycoon - Idle Resource Manager

rocket-valley-tycoonFor the lovers of resource management games, Rocket Valley Tycoon takes you from chopping down trees to building rockets. Like most of these games, you're going to be spending a lot of time hoarding one resource to add another technology tree for faster production.The developer of Rocket Valley Tycoon, Iron Horse Games, has been featured in our weekly segment before for Swarm Simulator, another resource management title. Anyone who played that game can expect similar mechanics in this new one.
Price: Free (contains ads and in-app purchases) | Get it on Google Play


blockyGames like these are a dime a dozen, but if you happen to like playing them, Blocky has 550 levels to complete. The difficulty ramps up after the novice section, with Advanced, Expert, and Master levels for those who find these types of games therapeutic.Price: Free (contains ads and in-app purchases) | Get it on Google Play


monkeyMonkey is a new social app, where two people connect over a mutual interest and chat for 15 seconds. If they want to continue the chat, they simply need to keep adding time to the chat. Both sides need to be into the chat for it to continue, and if it goes well they can add each other as friends.It is a unique way to meet new people, without having to make 'connections' as you do on Facebook or Twitter, though it could be open to the same abuse older video messaging services receive.Price: Free | Get it on Google Play

Brew Town

brew-townWant to run your own brewery? Brew Town lets you create your own unique beer and sell it to customers. More facilities can be added to the town to improve production speed and increase sales.
Price: Free (contains ads and in-app purchases) | Get it on Google Play

Arm Workout - Biceps Exercise

arm-workout-bicepsWant to increase your arm strength? This is the app for you. Designed by professional fitness coaches, it offers a series of short workouts, with an intermediate and advanced tier for those that want more of a challenge.No equipment is needed for the training and all of the workouts are available for free.Price: Free (contains ads) | Get it on Google Play

Pixel Coloring

pixel-coloringPixel coloring is one of the biggest mobile fads of the moment. This new app from Dataverse games offers a wide variety of pixel images to color in. Once finished, the app lets you share completed designs on all the well known social platforms.Price: Free (contains ads and in-app purchases) | Get it on Google Play

Step Tracker - Step Counter & Walking Tracker

step-trackerHaven't got a Fitbit? This step tracker follows your footsteps using your smartphone and lets you set custom step goals, depending on what you want to achieve. Leaderboards are available to compete with friends, alongside calorie counters and analytics.Price: Free (contains ads and in-app purchases) | Get it on Google Play

Merge Battle

merge-battleThe aim of this game is simple: merge things to make them stronger. The player faces off against increasingly tough monsters, which means they need to merge weapons at a quicker rate to defeat them.Merge Battle comes from Lion Studios, the creators of popular cookie clicker, Cash, Inc.Price: Free (contains ads and in-app purchases) | Get it on Google Play

Da Vinci Eye: Anyone Can Draw

da-vinci-eyeAnyone can draw, according to CubeMG, the developers of Da Vinci Eye. Users are able to project an image over paper using their smartphone, letting them virtually trace the image. Advanced users can break an image down, allowing them to add layers naturally.
Price: $0.99 | Get it on Google Play

Crypto Rider - Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Racing

For those Who can't afford to invest in Bitcoin, Crypto Rider lets you experience the fluctuations in a Tiny Wings-style racing game instead. SuperFly Games designed this title to follow the actual pattern of Bitcoin's (and other cryptocurrencies) price, so expect a wild ride.
Price: Free (contains ads) | Get it on Google Play

Bouncy Break

bouncy-breakBouncy Break is a casual arcade game, in which players break through the highlighted rectangles to get high scores. It's a simple enough premise, according to the developer Manau, designed to "enjoy the sweet summer vibes."
Price: Free (contains ads and in-app purchases) | Get it on Google Play

Soap Dodgem: Bubble Burst

soap-dodgemAdvertised as 'the dirtiest puzzle game', Soap Dodgem has players tackling mold in the shortest amount of turns. Players need to put the soap back in the holder using scrubbers, toilet rolls, and any other objects to reduce the number of turns used.Over 100 levels are available for players to try, and you can create your own puzzles before sharing them on the Soap Dodgem database for others to sample.
Price: Free (contains ads and in-app purchases) | Get it on Google Play


bitprojectBitProject is a new project management tool that lets you keep track of everything you have to do. Users can add a set of tasks to each project. The app removes a lot of the clutter found in most task management apps, keeping you focused on what matters.Price: Free (contains ads and in-app purchases) | Get it on Google Play

Astronomy Events With Push

astronomy-eventsNever miss an astronomical event with Mohammad Odeh's new astronomy tracker. Its push notifications can be set to notify you just before an event. There's also a calendar so you can plan for the event days and weeks beforehand.Price: Free (contains ads and in-app purchases) | Get it on Google Play
Those are our tips for the best new Android apps and games this week. Want more? Check out last week's roundup!

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