When it comes to apps, Android is the most populated mobile ecosystem in the world. Thousands of mobile development companies and individual developers are launching their apps each year with the hopes of creating the next big product. As a result, the variety of both free and paid apps available on the Google Play Store is just incredible. If what you’re looking for are just a few awesome apps, it’s easy to get lost in this immense sea of variety. Not to worry, though, here’s a list of some of the most ‘genius’ apps that we have seen so far.

1.      Your.MD

Your MD PhonesHow about putting your health first? Your.MD is a free digital doctor and symptom checker. If you have been going to Google to find answers every time you have a strange cough or a persistent backache, it’s time to stop. Your.MD contains quality healthcare advice and information that’s been reviewed by qualified doctors and clinically verified by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). The experience is awesome – you get the feeling that you’re chatting with a virtual doctor. Your.MD also has a premium trademarked premium solution that allows you to actually get help/consultation from experts doctors. This is ultimately the number 1 Android health app that we have seen.

2.      Photo Math

PhotoMathHate maths? Don’t spend hours trying to solve the same problem. Photo Math is one of the most ingenious Androids ever created. Simply point your smartphone camera to the math problem that’s giving you a hard time. This app reads it and delivers a step by step solution, elaborating the process so that you learn how to solve a similar problem next time round. It promises to take care of varied maths problems such as linear equations and many others.

3.      Word Lens

Word LensThis is a genius android app that translates languages via your phone’s camera. So if you’re visiting a new place and can’t make sense of the direction signage, just install this app and you’ll be ready to go. You can even take a picture from a menu, newspaper or any other piece of writing and have translated to a language that makes sense to you.

4.      Google Earth

Google EarthGoogle is a unique app that demonstrates Google innovation at its best. You’ll be able to fly across our planet by simply swiping your finger. Better yet, it integrates with other tools such as Google apps, Google Wikipedia articles, and Panoramio layer to make sure that you have the best experience seeing the world right from your living room. As Google says about this app, ‘hold the world in the palm of your hand.’

5.      Skype Translator

SkypeAlthough still in the works, Skype’s new translator feature makes it possible for people to speak in different languages. It translates everything behind the scenes. That means you can speak to a foreign friend in Germany in your native English language. Skype translator is working to accommodate more than 40 different languages in real time. So you no longer have to worry about learning a new language to be able to communicate with family, business associates, or clients in other regions.Several of these ‘genius’ apps can come in handy in critical situations. For instance, Your.MD can get you instant medical information. Word Lens can help you make sense of destinations when you’re lost in a new, foreign town, while Skype translator unlocks spoken communication barriers.
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