A translation app is essential in a variety of situation, whether you are in an unfamiliar territory, trying to familiarize yourself with a certain language or you simply want to know the meaning of different words of a variety of languages. The Google Play Store offers a bunch of translation apps, but what are some of the best for meeting your translation needs?

Google Translate

Google Translate is a comprehensive translation app with all the major functions. The Google Translate app also happens to be one of the most popular translation apps on the Android platform with over 100 million downloads. This diverse app is incorporated with a ton of useful features, some of which are exclusively available on this app alone.The app has a type to translate function which currently covers up to 103 different languages. Aside from typing, you have the option of either taking a picture or writing the words using your finger to have them translated. For folks who prefer the two-way automatic voice translation, you are limited to 40 languages offered on the app.The most outstanding feature on the app, must be the camera to text translation. Though its only limited to 26 languages, the feature can prove very helpful in many instances. From instantly translating schedules on public transports, warning signs and even menus, Google Translate recognizes it all and immediately translates, no matter the size or font of the texts.


iTranslate is one of the best translator apps if you are looking for accurate results. This app features up to 90 various languages which is adequate for most translation needs you may have. The app is reliable for typing and copying texts and comes with a swipe function capable of copying blocks of texts then effortlessly translates them.iTranslate allows you to save the translated words that you may want to reference later in your favorites. Moreover, it comes with an excellent audio feature that can generate translations in different languages with an option to read texts back slower, if you prefer.

Language Translator

If you are looking for a translator app bundled with simple and clean interface that allows fast and easy navigation, then consider the Language Translator app. This easy to use app allows you to either type or speak words, for quick translations.Along with its wide variety of languages, the app also features flags from various countries to aid in distinguishing one language from another.

PONS Online Dictionary

For a dictionary that also serves as a translator, the PONS Online Dictionary is very capable. This app offers in-depth descriptions of the words you seek, and even the different options of nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverb associated with the words. PONS helps you determine the ways that the word can be applied.PONS is also efficient if you want to learn how certain phases can be used with your own words and translates them for use in the right context. For example, you can enter a word such as 'now' with a suggested phrase like 'the time is now', and the app will instantly translate it on the other half of the screen. This allows you to have a greater understanding of the word in both languages.

Translate voice

Though Translate voice offers the standard features of a translator app, its voice recognition is one of the best compared to other apps on the list. Whether its a you speak a word or read the whole paragraph of a story, Translate voice will keep up with you all way. However, this also depends on your device's voice recognition capacity, meaning results may vary from one device to another.Translate voice is very useful especially for situations where typing is almost impossible or you just want to save time. For instance if a language barrier exists, you can translate full sentences and play them out aloud in a language that a person would be able to understand.What is your go-to translation app? Let us know in the comments.

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