Either you've just installed the Clash Royale game app and you wanna know as a beginner how you can ace the game or you've been playing it for a while but lately you've loosing. Fortunately we are here to share some expert tips and tricks that can help you become more victorious.

Tips for beginners

  • Right from the start, try to have your units mixed and balanced as much as possible. This means that instead of going for just the strong units, you should include some weaker ones, and those that regenerate quickly as well.
  • In case your opponent is overwhelming you or you've lost a tower, don't freak out, especially if the game is not yet over.
  • When its only a minute towards the end of the game, you shouldn't immediately give up all your units. Consider the fact that you still have protection over your towers as well as the King's Tower, which is the tower at the center.
As a great strategy for beginners, try using a giant and ranged troops at first. Do this repeatedly until you win the first tower. Afterwards, go on the defense side and wait to see how your opponent plans to strike.For advanced players, the use of the "prince tactics" could come in handy. This basically involves a player sending a powerful yet withstanding force followed up by a troop of flight units. For instance use the balloon and then the prince afterwards; do this continuously until your opponent.

Deck tips

To be successful in a game of Clash Royale you don't just need great strategies but a good deck as well. However note that there is no such thing as a perfect tactic or perfect deck. Nonetheless, to succeed in Clash Royale, the following tips are essential:
  • As much as possible avoid using just the expensive units in your fights. This doesn't mean that you employ just the cheap ones in your battles either, the aim is to keep the units balanced.
  • Ensure that you have units specialized in defense such as defense towers, along with units that are fast enough; units that can perform well even when pit against tower-destroying units and air units.
  • Though its mostly about mix and balance, the cards should match your battling preferences. For example, if you are an aggressive player, then get units that can move as fast. On the other hand, if you are into tactics that are defensive, then take advantage of units that are able to withstand a lot.

Tactics and strategies

If you are a slow player, meaning you don't defend yourself quickly enough from your opponent's actions or you play on the safe side by only throwing in a few units into the field, then you have no real chance in Clash Royale. Before you start playing, consider the strategy and tactics you wanna apply. Here are a few hints to try:
  • Wait until the elixir meter is full before you can start playing your cards.
  • Use strong combat units as shield for your ranged troops. For example you could send them before a giant or after a bomber.
  • Secure your victory, once you have succeeded in destroying an enemy tower, then you have the advantage to react even better to your opponent's attacks. While on the defensive, it is best that you focus on tower destruction.
  • If it becomes obvious that destruction will soon befall one of your towers, then rather than fighting for the tower that's losing energy anyway, send troops to an enemy turret.
  • Units such as knights and giants can be troublesome and quickly destroy your towers. Keep them from reaching your tower by using a building to block them.
  • Using the taunts can also add fun to the game, and this way you can get into your enemy's head.


Clash Royale is a fun and addictive game even when you are losing. Different from other games of this nature, Clash Royale is tasty combination of tower defense and card battle. Along with this it has some of the most alluring graphics with controls that are highly intuitive.Have you started playing Clash Royale? What do you love the most about it? Do you have some tips and tricks you'd love to share? Hit our comments below and let us know.

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