can you escapeWe're back with Level 9 and Level 10 solutions for Can You Escape game for Android. The already popular room escape game for Android is gaining more and more users everyday, but what can you do when you can't figure out what to do on a level? Well you can check out our guidelines that will get you through Level 9 and Level 10 of Can You Escape:

Can You Escape Level 9 Solution

  1. First you have to open the top drawer in corner. Then pick up the purple light bulb inside.
  2. Locate the colored decorative egg and tap on it. You will find a key inside.
  3. Now open the black-yellow cabinet. Find the solution to the puzzle to reveal the newspaper at the bottom of the cabinet. Move the newspaper to the right and pick up the green card that stands behind it.
  4. Notice that the plates on the table are placed on a certain color order. Remember: Blue, Red, Green, Black, Orange.
  5. Use the purple bulb to light on the lamp in the corner. This will reveal the pattern on the wall. X O X| OXO| XOX.
  6. Tap on the box under the lamp. The pattern you found learner matches the 9 circles on the table. Press the wooden pieces with an X on it. Use the colors you remembered earlier and take the blue card.
  7. Now take a look across the room. Notice there are some colored numbers placed on several items: Blue 3, Orange 8, Green 9, Red 4.
  8. Use the numbers as a code for the tan box near the guitar. Take the screwdriver from the box.
  9. Look at the most empty wall in the room. Move the chair to the right. Now tap the vent hole on the wall and use the screwdriver to remove the screws.
  10. Stop the fan by using the silver key you found earlier. Take the red card behind the fan.
  11. Now, notice there are three hearts near the guitar. Move the biggest one and notice the 6 colors: white, blue, red, white, yellow, green.
  12. Next use the 3 colored cards on the boxes left to the elevator. Change the colors of the white boxes to the ones uncovered at step 11. That's it!

Can You Escape Level 10 Solution

  1. On the wood stepladder there is a paper. Take it.
  2. Pick up the green pencil next to the red potted plant on the table.
  3. Pick up the drill bit from the tea cup on the table.
  4. In the chest you will find a drill. Then combine the drill bit with the drill.
  5. Tap on the area on the bottom left from the elevator. Use the drill to make hole. You will see 6 colors: Blue, Blue, Yellow, Yellow, Green, Green.
  6. Behind the plant in the lest corner of the room there's a closet. Tap on the red box inside and change the colors to the one above. Pick up the object revealed.
  7. Tap on the vent on the left wall. Use the paper to slide it under the box. Then zoom in and use the pencil to push the key over the paper beneath it. Take the paper out and pick up the key.
  8. Open the box at the right of the elevator just under the yellow plates with the key. Pick up the binoculars.
  9. Now use the binoculars on the bars on the right wall and look towards the end. You will notice the numbers 12, 8, 5.
  10. Now tap below the table and draw the following numbers: 12, 8 and 5, that you found earlier.
  11. Now combine the yellow ring and the new object with the whole next to the door. That's it!
Stay with us from more guides and walkthroughs for Can You Escape for Android.

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