More people have switched to working remotely due to the recent pandemic, but not everyone is adjusting to the work-from-home environment very well. Maintaining focus and remaining productive in the office is already hard enough; trying to do so at home, with more distractions to deal with, is even harder.

Fortunately, there are ways to boost your productivity when you are working from home. BlockSite, an Android app designed to help you stay focused, is one of the tools you can use to stay productive. The app offers a series of interesting features to help you focus on the tasks in hand and remain productive for longer.

Blocking Apps and Sites

Distractions often come from the apps on your phone. It is always tempting to check notifications, open Instagram just a little bit longer, or spend some time watching YouTube videos. These are common things that make you procrastinate even more; in other words, these are the kind of distractions that make you less productive.

The BlockSite Android  stay focused app eliminates distractions almost immediately. You only need to define the apps that you find distracting and BlockSite will handle everything else for you. You can also do the same with websites. BlockSite is capable of blocking access to sites like Reddit and YouTube, so you can take back more of your day.

Stay Focused

These apps and websites are automatically blocked when you are in the Stay Focused mode, which is the basic mode offered by BlockSite. Interestingly, you can set timers and adjust how you want this Android app to behave.

Setting intervals could work too, depending on your work habits. You can, for example, lift the ban during lunch hours. It is just a matter of setting schedules on BlockSite. The app is clever enough to automate everything else.

That actually brings us to another feature of this app.

Work Mode

Those incorporating the Pomodoro method will be happy to know that intervals are supported natively by the app. Switching to Work Mode automatically sets intervals based on the Pomodoro method. You can stay focused for 25 minutes or so, and then have access to the blocked apps and websites restored during your short break period.

As an added bonus, BlockSite can also handle bigger scheduling. Aside from intervals, you can set daily schedules and have the app completely disabled on weekends. Scheduling allows you to set intervals and schedules beforehand. This means you only need to set up the app once.

Keeping You (and Others) in Check

What’s interesting is the fact that BlockSite is also equipped with features that will help you encourage others to be more productive. If you have a teenager currently studying from home, for instance, you can use features such as Password Protection and Uninstall Prevention to limit access to certain sites and apps to maintain your teenagers’ focus.

Password protection, in particular, lets you bypass the ban on certain websites by entering a password. It is more tedious than being able to access the site directly, so the feature will still keep you productive at certain times. If you absolutely need to check something, however, you don’t have to disable the entire BlockSite app.

Support for Multiple Devices

Do you use multiple devices for work? Do you have a phone and an Android tablet supporting your day-to-day activities? Then you will certainly appreciate BlockSite’s synchronization support. Syncing settings across multiple devices is a huge timesaver. This means you don’t have to set up every device manually.

After completing the initial setup process, you can begin installing BlockSite on other Android devices that you own. You can also sync your BlockSite settings with your desktop browser add-ons, which further expands the capabilities of BlockSite synchronization. Also, there are browser add-ons you can use on your desktop computers.

Beyond Android

Yes, BlockSite is available primarily as an Android app, but you can use the tools to stay focused even when working on a desktop computer or a laptop. You can simply install the Chrome browser add-on, make sure the settings of BlockSite are synchronized, and you are ready to go. The next time you try to open 9gag during work hours, your browser will show a warning.

If a warning is not enough, you can upgrade to BlockSite Premium and gain the ability to redirect blocked traffic to a certain website. For example, you can choose to be redirected to the company portal whenever you try to access YouTube or 9gag. That instant reminder will help you stay focused on the tasks in hand.

Regardless of which version you use – free or premium – BlockSite Android app is a handy app to have. It is very effective in eliminating distractions from apps and websites, and it is certainly a must-use tool for boosting productivity.

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