Out and about to find the best Gear S3 apps to supercharge your wearable to the absolute limit? Here’s our curated collection of the top-rated app for the wearable smartwatch from Samsung, spread across different categories.

We live in a world so technologically advanced, that a singular piece of technology such as cellphone allows us to connect with our loved ones, handle our social life, enjoy entertaining content, and even get business done – all on the go. Year after another, the biggest brands in the business push the boundaries between reality and science fiction with devices such as foldable smartphones and wearable technology in the form of smartwatches. We grew up being awestruck at the way James Bond used his wristwatch as a communication device, and today, you can get your hands on actual cellular-powered smartwatches.

Samsung has been at the forefront of this innovation, which began even before the popularity of Android OS exploded. Back in the day, Samsung dreamed of implementing its very own Tizen OS as the next big thing in the mobile market but eventually succumbed to the immense demand for Android. Rather than putting its homegrown operating system for mobiles to rest, the South Korean tech giant reinvented Tizen OS for a line of smartwatches termed Gear S, which has evolved into one of the most popular wearables in the consumer market today.

Best Gear S3 Apps of 2019

The latest iteration of the revered smartwatches from Samsung is the Gear S3, sporting a crisp and vibrant SAMOLED display. Powered by Samsung’s very own Exynos 7 processor, 4GB of internal storage capacity, the Tizen OS allows users to run a host of apps on the wearable device, covering everything from health and fitness to music and productivity. If you’re a proud owner who’s looking for the best Gear S3 apps available, you’ve come to the right place.

Best health and fitness apps for Gear S3

Under Armour Connected Fitness Suite

Being an established brand in the world of sports and fitness, Under Armour has maintained a digital presence with fitness tracking apps, but the collaboration with Samsung to create the Connected Fitness Suite takes it to the next level. The entire collection of apps in form of UA Record, MyFitnessPal, MapMyRun, and Endomondo offer exclusive features for the Gear S3, such as map and route display for network-free GPS tracking, water consumption logging right from the watch, unlocked fitness challenges, and a whole lot more.

Pear Sports

When it comes to instilling a fitness regimen, we all need that little push to get us over the edge, and Pear Sports is just the interactive coach to get the job done. Based on your personal fitness goal of shedding a few pounds or completing your very first marathon, Pear Sports brings you real-time personal training right to the Gear S3 with dozens of different workout regimens, actual human coaches rather than a virtual voice in your ear, as well as video content that helps you get your technique right for maximum results.

Sleep as Android

A good night’s sleep is as effective on your health as a wholesome meal in your belly, which is why Sleep as Android is here to bring your body and mind the comfort it desperately needs. Designed to be a smart alarm clock and sleep tracking app built into one, Sleep as Android uses the smartwatch’s sensors to track your sleep patterns, notice the disruptions overnight, and give you insight on deep sleep, snoring, irregularities, which can assist in combating sleep respiration problems, reduce jet lag for frequent travelers, and a whole lot more.

Best entertainment apps for Gear S3


A music streaming app that needs no introduction, Spotify is already among the top music streaming platforms, and now it is also among the best Gear S3 apps on the market. The built-in connectivity hardware of the smartwatch allows Spotify to work directly over Wi-Fi, allows you to store your favorite playlist right on the wearable itself, and offers complete playback controls right from your wrist. Being a Bluetooth-enabled smartwatch, Gear S3 even comes with support for Bluetooth earphones, so you’re never disconnected from the groove.

Bezel Reflex

You wouldn’t exactly want to play high-graphic games on a smartwatch with a teeny tiny battery, but it is the simplicity of the Bezel Reflex, in combination with the design of Gear S3 that makes it so addictive. There isn’t much to the game as such, with 6 different colors of base pads all around the screen, along with the bouncing ball the center which changes color every time it hits on of the pads. Your goal is to make sure that the color of the pad matches the color of the ball, by rotating the bezel to move these pads.


Are you among the old-timers who still enjoy listening to the local and regional radio stations not just for the music, but news and information too? NPR One has moved out of the radio world into the digital sphere with the app interface, transporting a personalized audio feed right to your Samsung Gear S3. Bringing to you stories from around the country that matter to you the most, NPR One brings you a slew of local, national, and international content, keeping you well-informed, no matter where you are.

Best productivity apps for Gear S3

Camera Remote Control

Ever wanted to unleash the spymaster in you and secretly record videos with your wristwatch? Gear S3 gives you that ability with the Camera Remote Control app that basically turns the SAMOLED display on the watch into a viewfinder. Using the app on your Samsung Gear S3, you can take snapshots in an instant, record an entire video, zoom in on an object, and even switch from front to rear cameras with ease.

Gear voice Memo

This gem of an app comes directly as a courtesy of Samsung, adding the ability to use the built-in microphone of the Gear S3 for more than just answering phone calls. Notetaking has been transformed ever since the portable voice recorder made way into the world, and with it now being added as an app on your smartwatch, you can always take note of the important things on the go. The app comes with an intuitive text-to-speech feature that conveniently converts your voice notes into written notes, with a recording capacity of up to 6 minutes per clip.


Whether you’re used to Flipboard being a preinstalled app on your Samsung Galaxy device for years now, or simply resent it for being there even when you haven’t asked for it, there’s no denying the fact that the online magazine app has its benefits. When ported to the tiny screen of the Gear S3, Flipboard becomes a quick and easy way to get your fingertips on the groundbreaking stories of the day, everything from sports and entertainment, to politics and world affairs. Rotating the bezels to switch from one headline to another is quite interactive, while the press of a button can help you launch the entire story on your phone’s screen for an interesting read.

Best utility apps for Gear S3


The “face” of your watch defines everything that you do, and can often be a style statement for many too, which is why a digital watch face is a great way to shuffle up your look. Facer is one of the most popular smartwatch customization apps that has been around right from the start of the wearable era. Packed with hundreds of free and premium quality faces for your Samsung Gear S3, Facer allows you to customize every pixel of the tiny SAMOLED display to your liking, including all sorts of faces from popular shows such as Star Trek, to brand names such as Tag Heuer as well.

Find My Car

There’s nothing worse than heading out of the mall or a park and being clueless about where you parked your car, but now there’s a solution to fix it. Samsung brings to you to Find My Car app, which, along with the help from your smartwatch, tracks back your movement from the car to the complex, allowing your forgetful self to get back to your vehicle. Using the offline GPS tracker built right into the wearable device, all you need to do is raise your wrist and trace back your location, step by step.

Here WeGo

Once owned by Nokia as a pioneering technology in the world of navigation, Here WeGo is now offered to the Gear S3 as a means to maximize the offline GPS tracker built into it. Packed with the ability to store the maps of more than 100 countries offline, Here WeGo allows you to go off the online grid, but still hold on to your bearings. Whether you’re using the app to map out your daily commute to work on the bike, or creating a custom jogging track across the park, this app has got you covered.

Final Words

Despite Samsung’s decision to ditch Android when it comes to smartwatches and the Gear S3 not being powered by Wear OS, it is pleasantly surprising to see an array of apps available for the platform. While covering the basics with health and fitness apps, along with some intuitive games and nifty productivity apps added to the mix, there’s an entire collection of the best Gear S3 apps just waiting to be loaded up on your smartwatch.

Which of these top apps for the smartwatch from Samsung is going to be your partner for everyday use? Is there any other popular Samsung Gear S3 app that should certainly be on the list but isn’t here? Be sure to share it with us in the comments section below, and we’ll test it out to see if it should make the cut.

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