Top Android apps for money management and financial disciplineOrganized people need serious apps to help with money management and financial discipline. This post is an elaborate guide into the best budget apps for Android.Being financially disciplined can be a challenge for many of us. We start with good intentions and great plans on how to save and spend money more wisely. But often, we veer off-course. Financial discipline happens to be one of the most important aspects of any sound financial plan.A good money management Android app can help you bring sense into your finances. It can help you track your expenditure, pay bills on time, automate recurring payments, and cultivate a solid savings plan. Some of the best budget apps for Android have astounding automation and a wealth of features that will help you do a whole lot better with money management.Whether you’re using a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini or the latest Google Pixel, your Android smartphone can be a powerful tool to build a solid savings culture. A few of the more popular apps also work across platforms so you can manage your money on PC and other devices on the go.Here are our very best mobile personal finance apps for Android.

Mint: Budget, Bills, Finance (Price: Free)

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The Mint budgeting app is one of the most popular tools to manage your finances on Android. The app boasts a wealth of features, and everything’s in one place. Mint aggregates your credit cards, bank account, investments, bills accounts and more in one place, which makes it a highly powerful budget tracker and money management app. There are bill reminders so you pay all your bills on time, and a credit score is calculated for you. There’s a web app so you can sync your data across all devices.Mint makes the process of creating a budget bliss, so you can save smarter moving forward. And once the app learns your spending habit, it even makes a few budget tailored to your financial particulars.Mint is the best free budget app for Android. However, the app only connects to financial institutions in the US and Canada.

Monefy – Money Manager (Price: Free/$2.35)

Image: MoboAppsFree
This is a simplistic but yet one of the best budget app for Android. Monefy comes across the board as a quick money tracker that you can use to record expenses on the go. For instance, if you buy some accessories at the local electronics store, you only need to enter the amount of the transaction, not time-consuming descriptions. You can use your Dropbox account to sync your data across various devices.It doesn't matter whether you pay for services manually, or using Android Pay, Monefy will help you track everything.The app interface is intuitive, but it’ll take a few minutes to master. There are tons of features from a built-in calculator, a budget mode, handy widgets, and support for several accounts. Monefy does a great job if you’re looking to keep track of your expenditure and cultivate financial discipline.There’s a free version of the app, and you can upgrade to the pro version for just $2.35.

Money Manager (Price: Free)

Image: New Zoogle
Money Manager lives up to its name and is one of the best budget app for Android. This app boasts an intuitive, visual display that makes it easier for you to see how your money is flowing. You can easily record your personal and business transactions, and generated periodic spending reports as you wish.In addition to monitoring money in and out of your accounts, this app applies double entry bookkeeping to weigh your income against your expenses. There’s a neat graph that compares your expenses to your budget so you can see how you’re doing, as well as a Debit/Credit card management function.There are no distracting ads in this app, and it’s completely free. If you’re looking for a well-rounded app that will help you manage your finances and gain financial discipline, Money Manager is a good place to start.

Money Lover – Money Manager (Price: Free)

Image: Play Store
This is a great budget app Android. Money Lover comes across as a simplified personal finance app that lets you stay on top your budget – anytime. The most notable features about this money tracking app include its money tracking app, the easy budgeting function, clear view, bill reminders and secure data syncing across your devices.Money Lover links to your PayPal account, and users in Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia can link their bank accounts.The simplistic approach that this budget app takes makes it an excellent tool especially for users who find the more advanced budget apps confusing.And now that you’re a ‘Money Lover’, how about you try making more of it right from your phone with these awesome apps.

My Budget Book (Price: $2.7)

Image: AndroidGamesBox
Another one of the best budget app for Android, My Budget Book reigns order to your income and expenses tracking. You can use the individual or recurring features to record your transactions or set a budget with goals and limits. For instance, you can set a cap on the money you want to spend on clothing, groceries, accessories, etc. each month.With the visual representation of your financial, you get the picture right at first glance.The app works offline and has no hidden costs or in-app ads. If you’re up to it, you can personalize the app’s layout so that it suits your tastes. Manage multiple accounts, set the beginning of your salary month, reconcile your expenses, and import CSV bank statement data (other formats also supported).All in all, My Budget Book is one of the best money tracking app for Android. It’s comprehensive, integrated features are just what you need to get started managing your money more wisely.The app goes for just $2.70 on the Google Play Store.

My Finances (Price: Free)

Image: Play Store
Manage your finances via an intuitive and attractive interface with My Finances budget app Android. Manage incoming money and expenditure, create categories at your discretion, manage multiple accounts, manage your budget, automate repeated operations, and utilize a lot of other functions to improve your personal finances.If you manually write down your transactions, helps you manage everything much better and much more easily. My Finances is a free personal finance app for Android.

Prism Bills (Price: ‎Free)

Image: Financial Panther
One of the best free budgeting app for Android, Prism Bills is quite easy to use. Track your bills, keep on top of your bank balance, receive bill reminders and schedule payments with ease.Once you’ve installed this app on your Android device, get started by adding your bills and your bank account. Perhaps the best thing about this personal fiancé application is that it supports thousands of banks, from JP Morgan Chase to the Golden1 Credit Union and many others. Prism Bills also supports popular billers such as T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Netflix, DirecTV, PayPal, State Farm, Bill Me Later, etc.This extensive integration makes your budgeting and money tracking bliss, and you can finally say goodbye to late fees and banking charges!

Wallet (Price: ‎Free)

Image: Finance Hacker
Clean and simple – that’s wallet! If you’re not so happy about your financial situation, this is one great app to iron things out. You can manage your finances across financial institutions, and in multiple currencies.This app will help you budget for clearly set goals and keep track of things on the go. Some of what makes Wallet unique include automatic bank updates/syncing for transactions, flexible budget setting, insightful reports (presented in form of graphs), and account sharing.With the latest version of the app, you also get geo-location triggered notifications, currency rate updates, planned payments, and custom notification settings.

Goodbudget (Price: ‎Free)

Image: Android Authority
A product of Dayspring Technologies, Goodbudget is one serious budgeting and personal finance app for Android. The app follows the aged envelope system of proactive budgeting. It is designed to facilitate easier, real-time tracking. You can add income, search for specific transactions, track your expenses, and edit your budget as you see fit. The app’s insightful reports are great.Goodbudget is also available on the web, and on iPhone.

Financial Calculators (Price: ‎Free)

Image: Pyntax
Are you stranded trying to piece together a future budget? If so, then Financial Calculators is an ideal tool for you. This application is actually a collective of calculators that’ll help you break down your money. For instance, there’s a loan calculator that breaks down your payments and interest. Financial Calculators doesn’t have the functionality to manage your money, but it, all the same, helps prevent possible bad decisions with looming purchases. It’s one budgeting app that you want to add to your financial planning toolkit.

Home Budget with Sync (Price: $5.99)

Video review of Home Budget with Sync is an awesome, paid budget app for Android. The app is available in mobile (including iPad and iPhone), and PC (Windows & MacOS) so you can sync your data across devices. There’s an expense tracker to help you take charge of your expenses, bills, income and account balances. You can also create a budget and analyze your financial situation via graphs and charts. Some major features of this application include Family Sync and integrated features. With Family Sync, members of a household can share information related to expenses and income.You can view transactions, add your checking, savings, credit or debit accounts, and do just about anything you need to do to be on top of your income and expenditure. Home Budget with Sync goes for just $5.99 on the Google Play Store.

Spendee (Price: ‎Free)

Image: Gadget Review
Tracking your finances with the Spendee budgeting app is quite easy, thanks to the app’s ability to sync your bank account. You can also add expenses manually, create joint accounts, set custom wallets for those special occasions, and view your financials in beautiful infographics.The more you use this budgeting application for Android the more you’re going to get hooked to it. Start by adding all your bank accounts, register your expenses to see where your money is going, and then create a budget to help you save money!

Level Money (Price: Free)

Although Level Money isn’t at the top of our best budget app for Android chart right now, this personal finance app just might be the next big. There are a lot of design upgrades meant to make this app much better than it already is.Level Money allows you to create your own financial trackers, gain insights into your financial habits, and see what’s coming. You can connect over 18,000 US-based banks, and leverage complete flexibility when managing your monies. The app is secure, reliable, and you even get a personal spending guide to help you keep on track.Level Money has a fantastic design with an intuitive display on the app home screen. Even more, this personal finance Android app is completely free on the Play Store.

Keep Shopping (Price: ‎Free)

Image: Gizmodo
Keep Shopping isn’t a personal finance or budgeting app, but it can certainly help you attain financial discipline. Rather than blindly shopping for groceries, foodstuffs and household items, this app helps make a reasonable list within your budget. You can create custom categories and delete items with one touch. You’ll only need to check each item after you buy from the local store and adjust the price if necessary. And then you can port all this expense data as a total (daily, weekly or monthly) total on your selected budgeting app.Keep Shopping supports multiple currencies and some of the most popular languages. Get it free at the Play Store and manage your shopping list much more intelligently!


While choosing an app to help with money management, keep in mind your particular needs. Think about what kind of information you want to see, and what accounts you want to track. If you’re looking for a way to track your business finances, also take a look at our top Android apps for entrepreneurs.Let us know what of these apps (or a combination of apps) is/are helping you manage money and attain financial discipline.
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