Why spend hours searching through the cooking websites and cookbooks when you’ve got the best food apps at your disposal? Here’s a list of the best cooking apps that turn your Android device into your very own virtual chef.From keeping your connected during your daily commute to helping you unwind with some relaxing music – we use our phones everywhere. While working on the stove is an acquired talent, nothing can help you more in your quest to prepare the next great meal than the best food apps for Android.A simple search on the Google Play Store will bring you back a whole variety of cooking apps, so how do you find the best ones? Saving you the trouble of having to download and test out these apps, we’ve reviewed some of the best food apps available and bring them to you down below.But before we get to the list of cooking apps, let’s take a look at how Android can help you out in the kitchen by itself.

Cooking up a storm? Google can help

While there are plenty of great cookbook apps to find scrumptious food recipes online, the biggest help you’ll need in the kitchen is already installed on your Android device. Thanks to the crafty innovation that is the Google Assistant, your time in the kitchen can be far more efficient and quite fun.

Make your shopping list with Google Assistant

No great meal comes without the list of perfect ingredients and forgetting even one of them can ruin the recipe. Fortunately, Android’s premier note-taking app Google Keep comes with seamless syncing with Google Assistant. So all you need to do is talk to your very own personal assistant and add the items to your shopping list.
  • Simply bring up Google Assistant by saying “OK Google” and say “add 6 eggs to my shopping list”.
  • The service will automatically create a shopping list for you and add all the items to dictate to it.
  • Later on, you can use the Google Keep app on your phone to see your entire shopping list or ask Google Assistant “what’s on my shopping list”.

Keep measurements and conversions handy

The most times we pick up our phones with greasy kitchen hands to look up the conversion scale and measurements for different food ingredients. Why go through the hassle when you can simply ask the all-knowing Google Assistant about it? Integrated with thousands of conversion units, Google’s smart algorithm help you get to cooking even faster.All you need to do is say “OK Google” and when the Assistant pops up, ask the specific conversion or measurements that you need.
  • “How many cups make up a liter?”
  • “How many ounces in a cup of milk”
  • “What is the twice about 56 ounces?”
Apart from just measurements and conversions, you can even use Google Assistant to help you craft a calorie-conscious meal. For all the weight watchers out there, you can simply ask Google how many calories one serving of a meal has or even a particular ingredient has.
  • “How much protein does a cup of chopped chicken have?”
  • “How many calories are there in one large orange?”

Your timely cooking reminder

Don’t have one of those clickety-clack kitchen timers to keep a track of how long you have until the beef stew will be done? Ditch the unnecessary clutter and use your Android phone as your faithful reminder without even pressing a button. Google Assistant allows you to easily set up a timer or even multiple timers with just your voice.
  • “Set a timer to turn off the stove in 15 minutes”
  • “Set another timer for 10 minutes”
  • “How much time is left on the first timer?”
And of course, you can simply ask Google Assistant to find you a great recipe for the dish you’re craving. You’ll be redirected to the page with all the ingredients and a step-by-step recipe for crafting your favorite meal.

Best food apps for your culinary pleasure

Whether you’re a traditional gourmet chef with years of experience or learning how to make some soup without burning the house down, there’s an app for everyone. You can find an app for almost anything these days, so why not get one of the best food apps that help you tingle your taste buds?With the Holiday season coming in soon, now’s the best time to get your oven mitts out for a bake-off or some quality family meal time. To get you started, here’s a list of the best food apps on the Google Play Store that we recommend personally.

1. Food Network in the Kitchen

Every foodie finds themselves drooling in front of the TV set when the Food Network channel is on, so bring the same goodness to your Android. With the Food Network in the Kitchen app, you get the best of the network along with all your favorite TV chefs just a few taps away.From finding chef-specific recipes to working with the ingredients you have around in the kitchen, this app brings you categorized approach to healthy meals, special weeknight dinners, kid-friendly meals, a bunch of decadent desserts and so much more. As a bonus, the Food Network in the Kitchen app doubles up as your shopping list app with the Grocery List feature.

Download Food Network in the Kitchen

2. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Easily one of the best food apps you’ll ever find, Allrecipes Dinner Spinner has been consistent through the years. Offering a user-friendly interface and smart recipes feed that learns your interests, this app brings together seasoned and learning cooks from all over the world together to share their meals and learn.However, the “wow factor” of the app is the Dinner Spinner tool that helps you add in the ingredients you have at home and refine the search based on preparation time and difficulty. With thousands of step-by-step curated cooking videos and a built-in shopping list to complete your cooking experience, you’ll never run out of ideas in the kitchen.

Download Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

3. Yummly

If you’ve got fussy kids (or adults) in your home who are simply bored out of their mind of your signature dishes, how about more than a million recipes to get you going? Yummly comes with some of the most on-the=spot fried foods, a dedicated recipe section for all kinds of meals for the Ketogenic and Paleo diet followers.Rather than adding ingredients manually to your shopping list, all you need to do is save the recipe you’re interested in and Yummy will automatically create a shopping list for you. What makes Yummly one of the best food apps for Android is its built-in search engine that helps you find recipes that suit your palate, along with Instacart integration that delivers all the groceries to your doorstep in just a few hours.

Download Yummly Recipes & Shopping List

4. BigOven

Recently redesigned and updated for a sleek look and improved performance, BigOven brings along a designated meal planner, grocery list feature, and thousands of recipes. Moreover, the app comes with a clipper tool that helps you pick up some great recipes from other websites and add them to your favorites.However, the one thing that sets BigOven apart from other best food apps on the list is it’s personalized the user experience. At a monthly subscription for the BigOven Pro membership, you get Nutrition Insight feature for creating a meal plan with hand-picked ingredients, the ability to share your very own recipes with the community, follow friends and family members, and interact by posting/answering questions and comments.

Download BigOven: 350,00+ Recipes

5. Cookpad

Whether it’s about making a Thanksgiving meal for friends and family or a romantic dinner, cooking is never fun alone. Even for the lonely souls out there, the coolest way to cook with the crowd is Cookpad, giving you a social platform to share your culinary skills, find recipes published by others, and interact with them online.There’s a whole list of recipes not just for main dishes, appetizers, desserts and more, but even dedicated meals for the Holidays. The Cooking Diary helps you create your very own social media cooking profile where you can list all your prepared meals and even connect with other Cookpad users with one-to-one or group chats.

Download Cookpad

6. SideChef

If you have a knack for the finer things in life but not the budget for it, make some exquisite gourmet dishes with SideChef. Don’t worry about the complexity of your meals though, this one of the best food apps is crafted to help veteran and learning cooks learn more than 4000 recipes with its curated step-by-step instructions.You don’t need to stock up your pantry first, so just start off with the ingredients you already have in hand. The SideChef app comes with built-in timers for you to keep a track of your cooking experience, allows you to take pictures and upload them for other users to check out, get the best dishes from renowned chefs and food bloggers, and a conversion calculator built right into the app.

Download SideChef: Step-by-step cooking

7. Kitchen Stories

Anybody can be a good cook with the right tools in the kitchen and the perfect recipes to follow, and Kitchen Stories builds up on that. With millions of users who love it for its simplified user style and a library of tasty food recipes, Kitchen Stories is a source of inspiration for learned chefs, and a platform to learn the culinary arts for those starting out.
The multitude of recipes is packed separately into thematic packages like Pasta variations, 20-Minute Dishes, Holiday Feasts and more, along with HD video guides to give you a better representation of what goes on in the kitchen. Not only are new and improved recipes added to the mix on this one of the best food apps each week, but several how-to videos on the basic kitchen tricks are also included in Kitchen Stories.

Download Kitchen Stories

8. Runtasty

As a fitness enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of Runtastic and all the great app services it provides to help you improve your health. One of the best food apps from the same brand called Runtasty also comes from the same developer, offering you a window into nothing but healthy and wholesome food recipes by the dozens.While Runtasty may not have millions or even thousands of recipes like other food apps on the list, but each one that it does have is hand-picked by dieticians and fitness experts. Whether you’re looking for a vegan meal plan, a low-calorie protein diet food, dairy-free recipes or more, Runtasty can help you find recipes that are even specific to calorific count and macro ingredients.

Download Runtasty – Healthy Recipes & Cooking Videos

9. HelloFresh

Cooking is not just an art, but one that needs time to practice, the willingness to do and some shopping skills for getting cheap ingredients too. The all-in-one solution to this problem is HelloFresh that delivers a box of fresh ingredients right to your doorstep. Along with curated recipes for thousands of mouth-watering dishes, you get to select your favorite, rank the best ones and share them with your loved ones.With step-by-step guides that are sided with tips and tricks for each cooking style, the app allows you easily choose your next home-delivered ingredients and change the subscription settings with ease. HelloFresh quick and easy recipes are made for the home kitchen, so don’t expect to spend on anything other than the box of ingredients you ordered online.

Download HelloFresh – Get Cooking

10. My CookBook (Recipe Manager)

Possibly one of the most basic best food apps you’ll find on the Google Play Store, My CookBook is more of a recipe collector. Instead of keeping multiple recipe apps for the same purpose, My CookBook allows you to search apps from its own database or add some from other websites.
Along with syncing capability between devices, auto-create shopping lists based on recipes and adding photos and comments to the recipes. What makes My CookBook the perfect companion for the kitchen, thanks to ingredients scaling option, speech feature to read recipes, and even Android Wear support when you need to check a recipe on the go.

Download My CookBook (Recipe Manager)

Have you chosen which one of these best food apps is going to be your companion in the kitchen the next time you put the chef’s hat on? Be sure to let us know if there’s any other amazing cooking recipe app that deserves a spot on the list, or start a brand new conversation on the Updato Forum to share more on cooking with Android.

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