Every relationship goes through lots of phases. From the first date to the honeymoon phase, from learning about each other to "the hard work," you're not just dating one person - you're dating a whole lotta someones that reveal themselves to your like layers of an onion.All of these phases are small tests that help you make sure that you're compatible with each other and that your relationship will work out. If you don’t work with our significant other on these phases and maintain honest, open communication, your relationships might just fall apart.

There’s an app for that

Just like many other sticky (icky icky) issues in life, your smartphone is here to help. Below you’ll find apps that can be used to help you through every phase of your relationship, not just the part where you're meeting someone new.

1. Tinder: Love at first swipe

By OhMyGeek! (image), via YouTube

By OhMyGeek! (image), via YouTube

It all starts with the first time you lay eyes on them…or their profile. In real life, you see someone you’d like to pursue and walk up to them so you can start a conversation. App culture has completely removed this step of the dating process.With various apps you can find someone online and start messaging them. Often times people find themselves in inbox-hell, where they're sending messages and getting stuck in a long game of “who can wait the longest to message back?”With regular dating apps you may be getting or sending messages to people who you aren’t interested in, or who aren’t interested in you.Well, IAC’s app Tinder has changed all that.Tinder has become the premier option for young people (or not so young) to meet each other without having to fear rejection. This app turns traditional internet dating on its head.Instead of finding someone’s profile you like and then messaging that person, Tinder shows you a picture and profile of people who are in your area. Swipe right if you like them, and swipe left if you don’t. If both of you swipe right, the app matches you and a chat dialog opens up and you’re allowed to contact each other.Tinder takes the pain of rejection out of the dating process and lets you set up a date with that person who might be the one.

2. Avocado: The honeymoon phase

You’re in the early phases of your relationship and both of you can’t get enough of each other. You’re always seen cuddling, hugging, and kissing each other.Avocado is a private, secure, and fun app that lets you stay connected to the most important person in your life. It keeps every message, video, and picture all in one place. You can share lists, make dates with the calendar feature (also works with Google calendar), or even send drawings and animations to each other.It's sort of like the 21st century version of making someone a mixtape. Feeling warm 'n fuzzy yet?

3. Icebreak for Couples: The understanding phase

secretBoth of you are getting to know each other, and having long conversations where you start to really dig into the interesting details of what makes you, you. You talk about your family, your pet-peeves, and even share secrets. Your relationship’s romance and beauty are growing.Ice break lets you share answers to hypotheticals and personality questions with your significant other.After the Honeymoon Phase, Icebreak can be used as a fun, entertaining way to learn more about your significant other without completely freaking out that the honeymoon phase is, indeed, over.

4. Fix a Fight: The conflict phase

fixafightAfter a couple months of dating, this phase rears its ugly head. It begins when you have your first fight, big disagreement, or shouting match. It’s okay. There's an app for that.Fix a Fight gives you steps to follow to fix your relationship after a conflict. No, for real.The app uses the soothing voice of Mark McGonigle, a cheeky marital therapist who's worked wonders with hundreds of squabbling couples.This app, which is based on solid relationship research, allows you to take the necessary steps to get your relationship back to a good place (you know, where you were using one of the other apps).

5. Kouply: The Michelangelo phase

You start forming expectations for your partner and you try hard to “sculpt” the person that you may have long-term plans for. This phase is full of compromise as you both try to suggest things that each other needs to work on (and maybe even work on some of your own stuff too).Kouply lets you use positive reinforcement to reward your partner when they do something nice that needs to be recognized.Kouply can let you create a competitive game where you both try to see how many nice things you can do for each other every day. Like send flowers to their office just because, or walk their dog when it's thirty below and f&8&^% freezing outside.

6. LokLok: The happy phase

florence-1076151_960_720Once you get past the Michelangelo phase, your relationship is on cruise control and you feel like the both of you may be a great match. During this phase you may start thinking about marriage and truly get attached to your significant other.LokLok lets you sync the lock screens on your smartphones so you can send each other goofy selfies or write cute notes that can be seen without having to unlock your phone.Watch out, synced smartphones? Shit just got serious.

7. The Love Dare: The doubting phase

Things are getting real. You may have been in a relationship for a couple of years and doubts may start creeping in.These feelings may start getting very intense as you start comparing your relationship with those of other couples, start questioning your partner's past, and start aligning your happiness with the quality of the relationship.The Love Dare app is an app companion to the book The Love Dare, a New York Times best-selling book. The app provides daily encouragement, guidance, and positive reinforcement as your relationship is challenged and strengthened with the use of a daily devotional that's spread out over 40 days.The app is intended to be used for married couples, but that never stopped you before, right?

8. Kindu: The sexual exploration phase

Okay, as in love a you are, the hot 'n heavy stuff might be dwindling by his point, and you might start looking for ways to make your sex life more exciting.Kindu is an app that suggests new bedroom ideas for both you and your partner to try out. In a Tinder-esque swipe style you can approve or deny any suggestion.If both you and your partner swipe right, the app will alert you that you are both interested in giving it a shot (schwing!).

9. Wedding Wire: The trust and commitment phase

When you know, you know. If you guys have made it this far, what are you waiting for?Wedding wire lets you turn your dream wedding into a reality, countdown the days until you tie the knot, book your team of vendors, and used various other tools in the app to create an organized plan that will let you make your big day unforgettable.Relationships are a lot of work, and take two compatible people to create a healthy one. They also take a crap ton of apps to get right.Which apps do you use to help you with your love life? Let us know in the comments below!image credit: mashable.com

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