The makers of the opera browser have been known for quite some time now due to their ability to make pretty good applications. This time round they have hit again with the new opera max app. It is now being made available to users all over the world in open beta. The application’s big bang in the apps arena is worth giving quite some attention.One outstanding thing about this app is that it functions independently. What it basically does is steer all your internet traffic, sieving through the internet servers and then sends it back to your phone in a compressed state. One may wonder, “So what’s with all the fuss about that?” Well, that is a pretty smart way to save on your data charges. This is because when one is downloading stuff from the internet like videos, images, etc. data connection is used as this stuff is essentially displayed for you, thus incurring greater charges for all that bunch of things. Opera max makes this simple and cost-effective by making the stuff downloaded smaller before sending it to your phone, thus spending less data charges on pretty much the same content. This news especially is music to the ears of those users who are on a limited data plan daily or monthly.The Opera max app also gives you information concerning which apps on your phone are using data and at what time. This is essentially helpful as one gets to prioritize running applications depending on data usage. On top of this, the display of the time stamps when an app uses data helps in that one is able to switch off any apps that are using data at a time when they are not in use. Adding to that, the app adds the option of blocking apps that update frequently such as Facebook; as such apps can be quite a loss especially when working on a limited data plan. However, this app can’t save data on encoded apps because encoded data is not sieved through servers but is sent directly to the phone.When it comes to how to use the app, there is nothing much to sweat about since one only needs to enable the app and that’s it. It runs in the background. All you need to do is now check on the apps that are eating away at your data when not needed and block them and then manage your data usage to your own advantage. Due to the fact that the app cannot help on encoded data, you need to shift a lot of your activity to your browser in order to keep managing your data usage.There is pretty much to smile about concerning this app. This is because firstly, it is really easy to use and thus no complicated operational procedures are involved. Secondly, not all data users have the privilege to enjoy as much data as they would fancy, therefore, an app that helps them manage and save on their data is quite a shot in the arm. Three, the app blocking unnecessary apps is quite economical. Even though it can’t save data on encoded apps, it can still bar them from accessing the internet without your permission. Fourthly, the user is left armed with information concerning their apps’ data usage and this is of essential importance in managing the apps and their rate of data use.Despite the many ‘’yippees’’ that come with the good things about Opera max, a few setbacks are also worth noting in that it does not support IPv6, but rather suggests that one changes their APN settings which can be quite a technical task for some people. Also, since the app uses VPN service, slower browsing paces may be experienced with regards to factors as distance from the server. Another disadvantage may be poor quality of images and videos downloaded due to compression by the app. It’s also worth noting that most savings take place on mobile browsers rather than applications, thus many users may not be satisfied with the idea of spending more of their time on mobile browsers instead of applications, also taking into consideration that there is no much clear list on encoded apps.All in all, the Opera max is an app that’s worth giving a try since it’s free to use and its benefits are really helpful for economical-minded individuals.

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