The Android apps marketplace is truly endowed with a collection of fantastic Android games, office ware, puzzles, productivity tools and a wealth of other applications meant to make your life easier. One of the best things about Google’s Play Store is that you can find almost anything you’re looking for, most times for free. While you might want to pack your Android smartphones with as many cool apps, there’s only space for a few. In this article, we look at the top 9 must have Android apps for 2015. 

1.  Avast Mobile Antivirus

First things first. An antivirus is the number one must have app for any Android smartphone. While the choice of ‘best Android antivirus app’ varies depending on who you ask, we tend to think that Avast is a pretty cool one to start with. This antivirus application is packed with a wealth of features from a leading global antivirus company. The avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus app is packed with a ton of antimalware tools, privacy tweaks and anti-theft mechanisms. Straight out of a box, this will get you taken care of when it comes to securing your smartphone. 

2.  Evernote

Ever had a brilliant idea strike your mind while strolling on a public park, just to forget about it later when you went home? Evernote is a must have Android apps that you can leverage to keep your stuff in order 2015. It’s got an easy way for you to write all the notes you want, short lists, and basically anything else. And the best part? You can access this content you create on the go, from any other computer or smartphone. From getting organized to managing expenses and harnessing creativity, Evernote has a way of making your life easier. This cool Android app features an average review rating of 4.6 from nearly million users. More so, it’s been installed to more than 50 million Android devices. 

3.  PicsArt Photo Studio

Downloaded and used by over 200 million users across the technology divide, this must have Android app puts the wit of Photoshop right on your device. If you’ve ever wanted to connect to your PC just so that you could edit a photo you captured using your smartphone camera, this is the app you missed. Basically put, PicsArt Photo Studio will give you the capabilities to edit photos, employ manipulation tools, and apply hundreds of fantastic effects to your photos. Ideally, everyone gets to be a photo editing expert! It’s integrating with popular social media networks for easier sharing. 

4.  Workout Trainer

This application might not sound like much, but there’s a good reason it’s in this list of must have Android apps. Although not as widespread in use as some of the other apps we’ve mentioned before, it takes care of another crucial area of your life — fitness. Everybody wants to get fit, look good, and keep it that way. Rather than trying doubtful online formulas to try losing weight the ‘easy’ way, this app has everything you need to get in shape. A team of certified trainers work behind the scenes, and interact with you via this app. You get a series of audio instructions for your workouts, virtual fitness consultations, instructional photos and videos, and a wealth of other resources designed to simply ‘working out.’ 

5.  Camera Zoom FX

Photography is one of the things that make smartphones an instrumental part of our daily lives, and Camera Zoom FX is the best Android app in that category. With in-built support for time lapse shots, customization for your smartphone’s hardware buttons, horizontal level indicator, some photo editing and sharing features, this app gets your photography right. Whether you’re looking to take a cool selfie on a ‘better’ day, or just record some crazy stuff on vacation, this app does you right. 

6.  SwiftKey Keyboard

The stock Android keyboard app isn’t bad, but how about a keyboard app that learns from your typing habits, social media posts, and makes things easier for you? Swiftkey is a must have Android app that revolutionizes touch-based typing. Used by over 10 million Android users already, SwiftKey packs a wealth of cool capabilities, including word prediction, support for over 800 emoji, smart autocorrect, faster typing, and multiple colorful themes. The list just doesn’t end. You’ll have to try it first before you can realize its full potential. 

7.  Amazon Kindle

When you need to find a useful book on the latest marketing techniques for your business, where do you look? Well, you might read Google articles and watch a lot of YouTube videos, but the power of a good book is incredible. Amazon’s Kindle platform holds millions of eBooks, a lot of them created by experts in various industry. And that’s not even why this app ranks amongst the must have Android apps! The ability to buy useful books one-click, read authentic reviews before buying, and track your current reading position are just a few of the features that make Amazon Kindle incredible. Essentially, this app will take care of your thirst for knowledge, right from your Android device. 

8.  Pushbullet

Pushbullet isn’t the most popular app on Android, but it certainly is one of the must have apps for Android. Pushbullet makes your life easier in several ways. To start with, it’ll be harder to miss a call or text message while working at your computer. Secondly, sending files from your PC to your smartphone becomes a one-click exercise. Lastly, you no longer have to sweat just to get links from your computer onto your smartphone. That’s not all, you also get notification and alerts on the things you care about. Pushbullet literary finds hard ways to make your life easier! 

9.  Soundhound — Music & Audio

Music is one big way to think about entertainment. It happens often that you hear a song but just can’t make out its name, or the name of the artist. Soundhound solves this problem in an incredible way. Anytime you’re going about your duties and you hear a love song that you’d like to bookmark or download, turn this app on, let it listen for you, and it’ll get you all the information you need. There are no gray lines. Soundhound is used by over 50 million Android users, and it’ll certainly make ‘identifying songs’ a lot easier for you. These 9 must have Android apps are a great way to enhance your smartphone experience, as well as make life easier and better by leveraging technology. If you have a good app that you think should’ve made it to this list, share below, we’ll certainly consider it.

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