There are many things to be happy about on Android, but one of the most interesting things is that there’s almost always an app for everything. Whether you’re a lady looking to track your ovulation, or a pot-bellied white collar worker trying to do away with a ‘fat stomach’, there’s always an app for that. Indeed, the Android platform has more apps available than any other mobile apps marketplace in the world. This abundance is just part of what makes Android an awesome mobile OS for hundreds of millions of users from across the globe. Fitness is one of those things you tend to think about when you wake up in the morning. Contrary to popular misconception, fitness is not just a headache for overweight individuals. Even shapely, young and apparently healthy people want to always maintain their best shape. In today’s post, we look at the 7 best Android fitness apps that’ll help you be your best self, at least in terms of appearance.

7 Minute Workout [FREE]

There are just so many reasons why we picked this app to rank at the top of our best Android fitness apps! To start with, it offers an easy, clear approach to fitness. Developed by ABISHKKING, this Android application supports Google Fit, and has a new feature for people looking to get abs. If you’re looking to get a flat tummy, lose weight or even get a six-pack, 7 Minute Workout strengthens your core and tones your abs, with detailed videos explaining how to perform individual exercises. The best thing about this application is that it employs a ‘maximum results with minimum investment’ approach. It’s an easy and free way to enhance your muscular and aerobic fitness.

Water Your Body [FREE]

Water your Body might sound like just another basic phrase, but it certainly is one of the best Android fitness apps. Developed by NorthPark.Android, this application is currently used by over 5 million Android users across 22 countries. Simply put, Water Your Body records and reminds you when to drink water. This is based on the health principle that drinking enough water is essential for optimal health and fitness. By tracking your water intake, this cool Android fitness app makes sure that you are not getting hydrated, or suffering from a host of medical problems that results from lack of adequate fluid levels in the body. Drinking enough water on a daily basis is also important as it clears up your skin, keeps your nails healthy and more so helps you stay in optimal shape. You can get the app free from the Play Store.

Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO [PAID]

Designed by, this is one of the best Android fitness apps especially if you’re looking for an all-time available fitness trainer! Whether you’re looking for a hand-up when cycling, running or just walking, this app keeps you motivated, makes what you’re doing fun, and more so tracks routes, shares your workouts, and records stats. By installing Endomondo, you’d be joining a community of over 25 million users who’re using it to keep a full training diary, view graphs with lap times, record indoor workouts manually, and get all the same make sports training a lot easier.

Calorie Counter [FREE]

Developed by MyFitnessPal, Inc., Calorie Counter is a free Android fitness app that allows you to lose weight by tracking calories consumption. Calorie Counter features a massive database of over 5, 000, 000 foods, and offers an easy way for Android users to track their diet and exercise in just 5 minutes daily. A barcode scanner feature is also available that helps you track calorie levels of foodstuffs by scanning the barcode on the packaging. Definitely one of the best Android fitness apps, Calorie Counter will help you be in control of your protein, sugar, fiber, cholesterol, carbs and more.

8 Minutes Abs Workout [FREE]

This is a great Android fitness application that rides on Passion4profession’s simplified and innovative workouts to give the Android mob an easy way to get abs. Although they don’t guarantee that you’ll certainly get abs or the perfect stomach you’re looking for, they’re a better shot than paying for instructions from self-proclaimed fitness buffs. 8 Minutes Abs Workout essentially offers a free, alternative and fun way of working out. At the same time, you get to overcome the monotony of usual workout methods while also maintaining a top level of professionalism.

Workout Trainer  [FREE]

Developed by Skimble Inc., this is another top Android fitness app that helps you get in the best shape of your life. Workout Trainer contains thousands of free workouts and premium workout programs that are instrumental if you’re looking to look fit. You get a certified personal trainer who takes you through the exercises with step-by-step audio, well timed video and photo instructions. This removes the monotony from typical exercising and gives you the encouragement you need to get going. Downloaded and used by over 15 million users, this application contains a wealth of features, including a free virtual consultation wizard that delivers a customized experience. You can add their homescreen widget to view a new, recommended workout each day. The app is free but a Pro version is available on a subscription basis ($6.99/month).

SleepBot  [FREE]

We spend a third of our lives sleeping. During this time, out body is taking a much-needed rest, and reenergizing for another day worth of work and hassle. But very few people care to know what happens during this one third of our lives when we’re asleep. SleepBot is one of the coolest Android fitness apps that helps you find out what’s really happening during your sleep time. The application features a smart cycle alarm, a movement tracker, a sleep debt log, a sound recorder, a data analysis and trends graph feature. Using these features, you’ll be able to set and personalize multiple alarms as alerts. More so, you’ll be able to personalize a smart alarm, sound recorder and motion tracker. A widget makes the use of this app extremely easy. You can even set a sleep reminder so that this app will tell you when to go to bed! This is ideally the best Android apps for sleep and relaxation, as well as a gentle alarm and task.These Android apps will help you build your muscles, shed belly fat, attain aerobic health, and all the same look your best. If there’s another cool Android fitness app you use that’s not on this list, mention it in the space below and we’ll certainly give it a look.

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