The Android platform is the leading mobile operating system for many reasons. To start with, widespread adoption by global OEMs is one of the reasons why so many people are using Android devices. The Android apps marketplace is also equipped with over a million applications that greatly enhance the smartphone experience and make everything much better for end users. If you love cooking, Google Play and other leading Android apps marketplaces have a number of cool applications that will help you get good at what you do. In this article, we look at the 6 best Android cooking and recipe applications.

1.  Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

This is arguably the best cooking app on the Android platform. Highly rated as the go-to recipe app for Android, Allrecipes Dinner Spinner is a truly reliable application. You get to choose your ingredients and serve up recipes based on your ingredients. The app comes with a variety of tools and features. You get seasonal recipes, a dedicated shopping list, instructional videos and a lot more to help you make your best dishes. You can also keep track of what you need from the store. This application is free and works in an awesome way. Definitely the first Android cooking app that you should get on your device.

2.  Bistro Cook

Bistro Cook is an awesome Android cooking app that lets you take challenges. With this handy application, you get to show how fast you are and prove yourself the best bistro cook around. There are live scores to calibrate your progress. Downloaded by over 5 million cooking buffs, this app might as well be the best mobile cooking game on the Android platform. It works in a very easy way. Simply tap on the food you want to select, and then tap on the frying pan to get started. Once you get some scores, you can post them on your Facebook wall for everyone to see.

3.  ChefTap Recipe App

Everybody loves a good recipe app, and that’s precisely why ChefTap Recipe App is one of the best Android cooking apps available. ChefTap offers a lot of features, and goes a step ahead to allow you to import recipes from any website. More so, you don’t have to highlight text, copy-paste or do those other manual things to get recipes from your favorite cooking sites. You simply just choose an English-language website and the app will do the rest! And when you’re ready to start cooking, ChefTap will display those recipes in a nice easy-to-follow format, regardless of whether you’re using an Android smartphone or tablet.

4.  Cookpad Recipes

Cookpad is another great Android cooking app that allows cooking fans to share recipes and pictures of their favorite foods. Perhaps the most important thing about this application is that you also get a personal recipe composer. Once you get your recipe ready and finish cooking, you can share those enticing photos with other members in the community. Indeed, most people feel compelled to make some of the best dishes being shared via this app, that’s one of the most unique things about it. You can also mention the ingredients you already have and get a selection of great recipes that you can follow to make something interesting.

5.  BigOven

BigOven is a fantastic Android cooking application that features over 350, 000 recipes. In addition, you also get a grocery list and a menu planner. Downloaded by over 11 million users, BigOven is often considered to be one of the ‘best apps for foodies and new moms’. To wrap it up, this handy Android cooking app allows you to get more organized with your cooking, offers a smart and easy grocery list, and converts your recipes into simple lists.  A menu planner and a complimentary feature that advises you on how to use up what’s in your fridge make BigOven the undisputable number 1. Cooking app on the platform.

6.  Perfect Produce

If you realize you’re throwing away a lot of produce because you didn’t know how to store it, or didn’t check whether it was good enough — Perfect Produce is the Android cooking app that you need. This application gives you an easy way to eat more fruits and vegetables, towards better health. You get a wealth of information on how to buy, store and use a host of vegetables and fruits. To start with, you learn how you can keep avocados from turning brown, how you get the best grapefruits from the stores, and how each type of fruit looks like when it’s ideally ripe. Simply put, Perfect Produce answers most of the questions you might ask when dealing with produce. There’s a section on buying, storing and preparing fruits commonly found in supermarkets and other food-selling stores. You can also search for produce based on the nutrients you‘re looking to get in your food. To top it up, you get thousands of recipes that make your cooking much more interesting.These 6 Android cooking apps are a must-have for new moms, cooking fans and learners. They give you a great deal of information, supply your cooking with hundreds of thousands of recipes and generally make your kitchen experience a lot better.

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