According to Yahoo News, the market for wearables will be worth an estimated $61.4 billion by 2025 — a clear sign of an industry thriving and continuing to impress. Indeed, there’s a lot of valuable insight to gain from the technology, especially for athletes and wellness enthusiasts. Sensors track a whole range of data from basic information (e.g. calories burned performing an activity) to even more in-depth details (e.g. running gait), all of which can be used to improve one’s overall health and fitness. So if you're looking for the next big thing to up your fitness regimen, here are the latest gizmos you should definitely get your hands on:

So if you're looking for the next big thing to up your fitness regimen, here are the latest gizmos you should definitely get your hands on:

Smart watches

It’s impossible not to talk about smart watches when discussing wearables. Experts say that they are actually the most popular among the different fitness gadgets, given that they do more than just tell time. Fitbit watches, for instance, can be used to log your meals and the amount of activity completed in a day. These basic features can motivate a user to exercise, especially if they realize that they ate too much and didn’t burn enough reserve energy.

But the best among their wide range of fitness watches is arguably the Fitbit Versa 2. With an improved battery life compared to older models, the Versa 2 comes with an always-on display and an easy-to-use interface compared to other, more overly complicated smart watches. Another additional feature is the sleep tracking technology, which you can use to optimize your nighttime habits and overall wellness.

Smart clothing

In this day and age, you might not need a yoga teacher anymore to guide your practice — all you need is the right pair of pants. Indeed, the Nadi X yoga pants are equipped with haptic feedback capabilities. This tech senses if you’re hitting Downward Dog correctly, and if you’re not, the tiny vibrations will tell you to adjust your pose. With the accompanying app, you can even construct your own yoga sequence and create a full-length class right in your living room. No need to sign up for a membership at a boutique yoga studio. And when you need to recover from doing all of those Chaturanga pushups, you can slip into one of Under Armour’s bioceramic clothing pieces, which are designed to alleviate muscle pain.

Smart insoles

Running seems like such a simple sport. While it’s true that any able-bodied person can do it, not everyone can do it correctly. Improper form is still very common, and it’s one of the leading causes of injury among runners. This is where a coach or a comprehensive running analysis can help you, but one cool alternative is to use high-tech shoe inserts instead. Data provided by running insole Nurvv includes cadence, pronation, and foot strike, which can be specifically helpful for those looking to improve their running speed while also preventing injury. These details highlight how the smallest changes in biomechanics can make a significant difference in one’s running performance.

Smart helmet

Crashes in cycling are still very rampant, which is why a reliable helmet is absolutely crucial. With the new RS1 Helmet from LIVALL, you’re more than just cushioned against crashes. This smart helmet comes with smart lighting, voice navigation, and fall detection technology. Once it detects a crash, the helmet will automatically alert your emergency contacts.

Smart headphones

The Halo Sport 2 is a pair of headphones that will surely set you apart from everyone wearing Apple's new AirPods. Though it provides good audio, its main feature is neurostimulation. The device sends tiny electrical currents to your brain to help you pick up skills faster. This means your body can get used to workouts more efficiently and reach peak performance in no time.

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