The best paid Android apps on the Google Play Store prove that if you offer worth to the users, they’ll pay good money for it. Here’s our curation of the best paid offerings for Android available, and why you should get them right now.

For the generation that has witnessed the transformation of mobile phones from cellular devices into full-blown entertainment and productivity portals, the inception of app stores is easily the defining moment that changed everything. With the release of the Google Play Store, Android OS transformed the way users enjoyed features for social media, business management, entertainment, utility, and more, with an app for every activity out there.

Nothing comes for free in this world, and that’s true when it comes to the millions of apps listed on the Google Play Store as well. Even the free apps that you’re downloading for your Android device, comes with additional baggage such as advertisement banners, in-app purchases, and so much more. Over the years, as consumer confidence has increased, so has the involvement of professional software development studios into the app market, making room for some of the best paid Android apps out there.

12 Best Paid Android Apps to Get

In a utopian world, you’d expect all of the apps on your mobile device to be free, with no advertisements or in-app purchases to bother you. However, the closest you can come to serene mobile user experience is when you get a hold of one of the premium apps offered on the platform, that does come with a price tag attached. Here’s our case on why spending money on mobile apps can sometimes be a good way to go, with these premium paid apps listed below.

TuneIn Radio Pro

Bringing all of the fun and excitement of classic radio to the modern era of online connectivity, TuneIn Radio Pro envelops sports, music, podcasts, news, and so much more into one package. Featuring AM and FM radio stations from all around the world, the app features world’s biggest library of audio content, giving you the choice to listen to everything from more than 5 million live podcasts, to the biggest network stations such as CNBC, MSNBC, Fox, and many more.

Get TuneIn Radio Pro on the Google Play Store

Sleep as Android

All research towards health and well-being states that a good night’s sleep defines the quality of life you enjoy, and while mobile phones, in general, have become devices that disrupt the resting cycle, Sleep as Android hopes to change this. Designed to be a simplified alarm clock and a significantly advanced sleep cycle tracker packed into one app, Sleep as Android showcases features for sleep deficit, deep sleep analysis, snoring statistics, and other aspects of overall night comfort, along with features such as nature sounds and gentle sound alarms that aid in improving your night’s sleep.

Get the Sleep as Android on the Google Play Store


Even before the tech world as a whole went big on the whole automation game, Tasker and the community of users behind it had begun pushing for it. Today, the app has become more of an automation service in itself, allowing users to automate action such as sending out an SMS and changing the settings of the system or specific apps, based on the time of the day, location, Wi-Fi network that you’re connected to, and so much more, most of which don’t even require you to root the Android device, which makes it one of the best paid Android apps for utility.

Get Tasker on the Google Play Store

Bitdefender Mobile Security

The online world is a scary place, especially when almost all of your personal and work-related data transactions happen through your mobile phone. Helping you breathe a sigh of relief, is the Bitdefender Mobile Security antivirus app for Android, packing everything you’d expect from a premium antivirus app. With a malware scanner to weed out the adware and spyware waiting to affect your phones, app lock for personalized security, web protection with VPN built into the app, and specialized features for anti-theft protection too, Bitdefender is available on a yearly premium subscription, which is well worth it.

Get Bitdefender on the Google Play Store

Nova Launcher Prime

If you don’t enjoy the way the user interface has been set up by the Android OEM that your smartphone belongs to, Nova Launcher Prime is here to groove it all up for you. Allowing you to replace the standard launcher of your device with one that customizable to the very last app icon, Nova Launcher Prime brings gesture controls, dedicated app drawer groups for compartmentalization, a separate drawer for hidden apps, customizable icons, scrolling effects, and so much more, all packed into one premium app with no ads to pester you.

Get Nova Launcher Prime on the Google Play Store

Couch to 5K

Ever been one of those people who aspire to be the next great marathon runner, but can’t seem to be anything more than just a couch potato? It’s time to install the Couch to 5K app on your Android device and get going with real-time qualified trainers from around the world. You get an assistive coach that is with you 24/7 to keep you humming, with actual human voice cues during workouts to help you push to the next level, as you gradually start on the stage that you’re most comfortable with.

Get Couch to 5K on the Google Play Store


A program that has been more than two whole decades in the making, WolframAlpha is finally ready for the masses, as an instant source of computation and knowledge in all forms. Connected all across the internet through thousands of verified and tested domains for accuracy, WolframAlpha performs based on its own algorithm to generate instant reports, regarding mathematics, data analysis, chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy, and several other sciences to solve everything from equations, to finding out the most complex problems of the universe and resolving them right away.

Get WolframAlpha on the Google Play Store


There are more than a dozen Android apps that you can employ to get some light editing done on the go, but how many of these allow you to perfect your shots by removing unwanted elements from it? TouchRetouch is an image editor which focuses on the fact that not every shot you take from your smartphone is going to be the best one, and there’s always going to be items such as telephone wires, posts, and other objects that you’d want to eliminate from the shot. Even allowing you to remove breaks in the surface, photobombing birds, skin blemishes and pimples as well, the picture-perfect shot is no longer an elusive dream.

Get TouchRetouch on the Google Play Store

Unified Remote Full

With your home theater, HDTV, air conditioner, and possibly dozens of other devices all requiring separate remote controls, managing them can be a troublesome ordeal. Giving your smartphone the power to become a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth remote control, Unified Remote Full is designed to work with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux as well. Support for everything from keyboards and mice, media players, screen projectors, and even file managers is what makes Unified Remote Full a worthy purchase.  

Get Unified Remote Full on the Google Play Store


For those among us who are hooked up to the internet for work most hours of the day, juggling between the mobile phone, computer, and other smart devices can be time-consuming and frankly, quite annoying. Pushbullet recognized this problem early on and implemented an app that wirelessly connects your smart devices under one umbrella, allowing you to send and receive notifications, media, and all kinds of files from one device to another effortlessly. Thanks to end-to-end encryption and live notification features, the data among your multiple devices are always interconnected and available to you.

Get Pushbullet on the Google Play Store

Simple Mobile Tools

If you resent the ad-ridden system apps that your Android OEM has installed forcibly in the name of the Gallery, Contacts, Camera, File Manager, Calendar and several others, Simple Mobile Tools is here to change things for you. The developer has created a suite of apps for Android that includes everything from the music player to the notetaking app, most of which are offered for free, while some do bring a price tag with them. With a no-brainer user interface and everything being ad-free, you can finally take control of the way you use the simplest of features on your phone.

Get Simple Mobile Tools on the Google Play Store


App permissions on Android have always been a tricky affair, with some apps asking for more than they need to, and uninformed users end up giving more access to their private data than they should. The Bouncer is an app that solves this issue by becoming the middle-man when it comes to app permission management, granting access to pass the gate to apps only temporarily. By granting one-time permissions granted to apps that are in the foreground, Bouncer helps bolster the security and improves the battery life of your device.  

Get Bouncer on the Google Play Store

Final Words

The Google Play Store changed the way Android OS users make the most out of their devices and continues to do so with the millions of apps that it hosts. Over the years, Google has taken actions to curb the number of advertisements that apps are allowed to throw around, but one sure-shot way of ensuring that you’re only getting the best from the app store is by spending a few dollars and choosing to get the best paid Android apps out there.

Which of these premium apps are you willing to pay top dollar for, and is there any interesting addition that you’d like to make to the list? We’d like to hear back from you, so go ahead and write to us down below in the comments section.

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