Looking for the best Android strategy games to put your mind to work and get some excitement of out it in return? We’ve rounded up some of the most popular strategic games available for Android phones and tablets in 2019 for you to try out.Ever since humans have been able to evolve their thought processes, we’ve tested to push our minds to their absolute limits. One of the more interesting ways that we have found to hone our thinking skills, is through the invention of strategy-based games, some of which have been around for centuries. From the actions and ripple effects that echo with each move you make in Chess, to the all-time classic mind games of Backgammon and Checkers, there is no shortage of strategy games that have even stood the test of time.

Best Android Strategy Games of 2019

However, modern times have changed the way we not only communicate but interact with each other. From meeting locally to creating groups online, everything is going online and the age-old tradition of board games is slowly fading away. Despite the evolving times, our quest for games that test our mettle hasn’t dwindled, which is why the best Android strategy games are still high in demand. We have dug up through the Google Play Store to find the most highly rated strategy-based games that can be played offline, as well as online multiplayer.

1. Civilization Revolution 2

https://youtu.be/fHonMLqmtl8Sid Meier created one of the most prominent strategy board games of modern times in the form of the Civilization series, and it has been successfully adapted into video games as well. After conquering the PC and Console gaming arena, Civilization Revolution 2 is back as a sequel for Android to help you build and sustain a world of your own. You're put in a position of a World Leader who has an unquenching thirst to expand their empire, by means of active diplomacy, or straight out war. As you annex more regions and spread your reach, enrich your empire with gold, and capture to capital cities of your opponents to assert dominance.

Download Civilization Revolution 2

2. XCOM: Enemy Within

https://youtu.be/piLudIIyrcQThe imminent alien invasion is upon us, and you’re the last line of defense that mankind has against the threats from outer space. XCOM: Enemy Within is yet another popular mainstream strategy game franchise that has been adapted to the intuitive and touch-friendly gameplay for mobile devices, imparting some stunning graphics into the mix. Upgrade the skillset of your soldiers and prepare them for the fight to come with futuristic weapons, enjoy a social gaming experience with multiplayer story missions with your entire squad, adapt to the evolving alien enemies along with the foes close to home and take back the planet.

Download XCOM: Enemy Within

3. The Battle of Polytopia

https://youtu.be/mhE58_g6bv8Adapted in a crafty polygon design style and infused with all of the elements of the best strategy Android games out there, The Battle of Polytopia stands out not based on its design, but the look and feel of it all. The turn-based gameplay is easy to understand and get started with, as you expand the size of the cities under your rule. Based on the resources you harvest and gain as the spoils of war, upgrade the tribe’s technology tree to build a stronger army. Apart from playing a seemingly endless story mode, you can also enjoy shorter gameplays that end in just 30 turns, or take advantage of the multiplayer pass-and-play mode for some social gaming action.

Download The Battle of Polytopia

4. Fire Emblem Heroes

https://youtu.be/oG1EVrFl81EThe Japanese video gaming giant Nintendo has been a pioneer in gaming for more than a few decades and is finally penetrating the mobile market with strategic games such as Fire Emblem Heroes. The peace-loving and the harmonious Askran Kingdom is under threat from the Emblian Empire that intends to rule the entire world, and it is you who is destined to bring the greatest warriors of Fire Emblem together and defend the kingdom and its people. Fire Emblem Heroes is among the strategy Android games that aren’t enriched by high-end graphics, but what it does contain is an intriguing storyline, special maps for you and your band of heroes to explore, and the Arena Duel multiplayer mode to discover the virtual kingdom with your pals.

Download Fire Emblem Heroes

5. Tropico

https://youtu.be/YmhwPB_ZqBkEver wondered what it would be like running an entire nation as its supreme leader with no checks and balances on power? Tropico puts you in the seat of El Presidente who benevolently takes control of your very own island in the Caribbean, hoping to lead your nation and its people to a prosperous time ahead. From managing the infrastructure of the country through new buildings and roads to creating an industrial complex that facilitates employment and trade, it is up to you to keep your loyal subjects in line, break down protests and ensure that they don’t turn into a violent rebellion. There are a total of 15 campaign islands for you to hold your dominion over, with surreal graphics that give you a first-person view of the region you dictate.

Download Tropico

6. Zombie Anarchy

https://youtu.be/KPLEaMn0l0wHuman civilization as we know it has ended, and all that is left are hordes of undead creatures scavenging all across the planet. You are among the last of those who have survived the zombie apocalypse, and now the struggle begins to keep what remains and sustain yourself and your fellow survivors in Zombie Anarchy. This action-strategy game is packed with stunning visuals that will capture your imagination, along with multiplayer support to make it every more riveting. Find survivors out on the road and connect with them to strengthen your base, develop your base camp and defend it from the undead monsters, and unlock supercharge weapons to blast your way as a survivor.

Download Zombie Anarchy

7. Pocket City

https://youtu.be/dxtuDPWFrK8If you reminisce about the hours spent creating your very own simulation of a real city on Sim City, now be prepared for this gem among Android strategy games that bring the same action to your mobile phone. Pocket City puts you in a position of dominance, with the power to build residential and commercial complexes, or demolish an industrial zone to establish a public park. The classic simulation games come with some interesting strategic features that allow you to control the cash flow and finances of the businesses, and manage different elements all around the city that factors in the happiness quotient of the residents.

Download Pocket City

8. Rebel Inc.

https://youtu.be/L-Zwh1dRauABrought to you by the creators Plague Inc., one of the most popular Android strategy games ever made, Rebel Inc. is a politically motivated and highly engaging strategy game that will rob you hours of your time. You are put in charge of a war-torn region which is on the brink of political collapse, and everything barely hangs between the military encroachment and the civilian population. There are a total of 7 different regions for you to stabilize in the game, where you need to conceptualize initiatives that the local government authorities exercise to improve the quality of life for the people and bring about peace in a world of chaos.

Download Rebel Inc.

9. Kingdom Rush Vengeance

https://youtu.be/Umg2dbCapmMThis golden nugget from Ironhide Game Studio is a part of its series of strategy games, but Kingdom Rush Vengeance is the one we liked the most. Take the side of the powerful and righteous Vez’nan, a wizard who wishes to take over the kingdom, and you’re in a position to help him build his massive army, clash with the biggest bosses for a fabulous duel. There are a total of 5 different regions for you to conquer, dozens of dangerous enemies to tumble, and 6 mighty kings that you must take down to become the ultimate ruler.

Download Kingdom Rush Vengeance

10. Football Manager 2019

https://youtu.be/lMMlEwpHsRcSEGA may have become a fading name in the gaming industry, but it continues to benefit from the momentum that it has created with the Football Manager franchise. Bringing one of the best strategy Android games based on sports to you this year is the Football Manager 2019 which puts you in the driver’s seat of some of the top football clubs that have ever existed. It is upon you to create a dream team that can win the trophies and the hearts of your millions of fans, by developing a squad with the top footballers from around the world. When it comes to pushing the underdog and choosing the right formation for a crucial qualifier, that’s when strategy comes into play, so make every move wisely.

Download Football Manager 2019

Which of these top strategy Android games are you going to take up and tune your mind for some intelligible fun? Have we missed out on a spectacular strategy game for Android that should absolutely be on the list? Go ahead and share what’s on your mind in the comments section right down below.

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