EDIT: This giveaway has ended.

No more scrounging around in your gear bag when you need a cable to charge or sync your Android (or iOS) device, as you’ll have a charging cable at arms length… literally.

Admittedly, we’ve all been in that situation where you forget to bring a cable along with you or in fact you simply forget to charge your phone – the Infinity Links Bracelet Charger solves a solution to that problem. Combining the best of technology and craftsmanship, these fine leather accessories have some practicality and function to it.


Infinity Links’ bracelet charger encases a Micro USB (or an iPhone Lightning Port) and offers a two color choice in either grey or gold depending on which model you opt for. The bracelet charger allows you to charge and sync your devices. Combined with its braided leather, it’s crafted to be extremely durable, too. Infinity Links has built this luxury charging cable bracelet from the ground up with design and fuctionality in mind.

To use the bracelet pull the middle section to reveal the USB charger and either the Lightning Port or Micro USB. Then simply plug it into a socket or charging device and watch the magic happen! Once you’re done with it, place the charger back into the slot and wear it on your wrist – it’s that simple.


Offered in grey or gold with 3 different sizes – either small, large or a double loop – the Infinity Links Bracelet is currently on sale for $33.99 which can be further reduced by 30% using the code ‘SAVE30’– bringing the price down to $23.99. This is a great product for those in the market for a luxury bracelet that also doubles up as a USB charger for your devices!

If you are interested in picking up the Infinity Links USB Charging Bracelet, you’ll find it available here.


We have teamed up with Infinity Links to give 5 lucky winners a charging cable bracelet of their choice! To enter, simply head over to the Giveaway Landing Page where you’ll find multiple ways to enter the giveaway.

The contest is currently open, and everyone has a chance to enter. If you haven’t entered already, you must do so before Januray 5th. We’ll be announcing the winners on our Twitter so don’t miss out on this chance to win an excellent product!


And as always, we end with an invite: don't be a stranger and join our community - be a part of the conversation where we help each other out, discuss the latest and greatest, and make the best of our tech.

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  • GraphicFlow

    This product is absolutely unique, I have never seen this type of product in my life. This product is a life saver as it contains a micro usb/lightening port so practically you will always be equipped with a charging cable no matter where you are (unless if you forget to wear it). It looks amazing and stylish!

  • Yaja

    Damn these things look dope

  • dope

  • Erwin

    Entered I hope I can win this. it’s lit af. ;)

  • Omar Waseem

    YOOOO THIS THING IS LIT I ENTERED THE GIVEAWAY!!! Its an amazing balance of tech and style

  • Imad Abdennouri

    so stylish

  • Ray

    issa madness

  • Haris Usmani

    Its so premium and amazing!

  • Kavya Seetala

    I have entered the giveaway.:)

  • Prabhdeep Singh

    The dark grey one is pretty good looking and doesn’t look like a charging cable at all!!

  • Grant LaRoy

    This looks so practical stylish that i would love to have one SOOO bad!

  • Pwnage

    You guys are so generous, thanks for the opportunity :D

  • Manawell

    Just to think that if you told someone about a decade ago that we’ll be wearing charging cables as bracelets in near future they would probably put you in straight jacket…

  • Krunal

    This is amazing product.!! and looks really Cool. hope to win 1st ever time, Thanks a lot. :)

  • Dree

    I’ve always been terribly awkward with jewelry since I’m more geeky than girly, and this creates the perfect symbiosis. Even if I don’t win I’m gonna get one. Awesome idea!

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