Galaxy S3 Android 4.3Below is a complete list with all the countries where Samsung released the Android 4.3 update for Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 and is available on Samsung Kies. The list is alphabetically ordered, so just look for your country.

You can see the release date and the build number of the firmware. To check your current firmware on your phone, go to Settings>About phone>Software updates.

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!Note that the following updates were released for Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 version only.


Country, Release Data, Build Number

Austria (A1),2013 December,I9300XXUGMK6

Baltic,2013 December,I9300XXUGML2

Baltic (La Fleur),2013 December,I9300XXUGML2

Bulgaria,2013 December,I9300XXUGMK6

Bulgaria (La Fleur),2013 December,I9300XXUGMK6

Bulgaria (VVT) (La Fleur),2014 January,I9300XXUGMK6

Croatia (VIPNET),2013 December,I9300XXUGMK6

Czech Republic,2013 December,I9300XXUGMK6

Czech Republic (La Fleur),2013 December,I9300XXUGMK6

Czech Republic (Vodafone),2013 December,I9300XXUGMK6

France (Bouygues),2014 January,I9300XXUGMK6

France (SFR),2013 December,I9300XXUGMK6

Germany,2013 December,I9300XXUGMK6

Germany (Vodafone),2013 December,I9300XXUGML2

Greece,2013 December,I9300XXUGMK6

Greece (Vodafone),2013 December,I9300XXUGMK6

Hungary,2013 December,I9300XXUGMK6

Hungary (Telenor),2014 January,I9300XXUGMK6

Hungary (VDH),2014 January,I9300XXUGML2

Hungary (VDH),2014 January,I9300XXUGML2

India,2014 January,I9300XWUGML4

Ireland (Vodafone),2013 December,I9300XXUGMK6

Israel,2014 January,I9300XXUGMK7

Israel (Orange/Partner),2014 January,I9300XXUGMK7

Italy,2013 December,I9300XXUGMK6

Italy (Vodafone),2013 December,I9300XXUGMK6

Luxembourg (La Fleur),2014 January,I9300XXUGMK6

Netherlands,2013 December,I9300XXUGMK6

Netherlands (Vodafone),2013 December,I9300XXUGMK6

Nordic countries,2013 December,I9300XXUGMK6

Open Austria,2013 December,I9300XXUGMK6

Open Austria (La Fleur),2013 December,I9300XXUGMK6

Poland,2013 December,I9300XXUGMK6

Portugal (TPH),2013 December,I9300XXUGMK6

Portugal (Vodafone),2013 December,I9300XXUGMK6

Romania (Cosmote),2013 December,I9300XXUGMK6

Romania (Vodafone),2013 December,I9300XXUGMK6

Russia,2014 January,I9300XXUGMK6

Slovenia (Mobitel),2014 January,I9300XXUGMK6

Slovenia (Si.mobil),2013 December,I9300XXUGMK6

South East Europe,2013 December,I9300XXUGMK6

Spain,2013 December,I9300XXUGMK6

Spain (Vodafone),2013 December,I9300XXUGML2

Switzerland,2013 December,I9300XXUGML2

Switzerland (Swisscom),2014 January,I9300XXUGMK6

United Kingdom,2013 December,I9300XXUGMK6

United Kingdom (Vodafone),2013 December,I9300XXUGMK6

Uzbekistan,2014 January,I9300XXUGMK6


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  • GS3 in Libya started updating today XD

  • Ben

    Has the update been released for the United States?

    • Tudor Graur

      What carrier?

  • shalu.msc2007

    I have galaxy s3.what is difference between jellybean and kitkat android version. Pls tell me y we have to upgrade.after upgradation what will happen. And samsung y they are not giving upgradation to kitkat

  • Kashif

    how can I update my galaxy s3 gt i9300 in Pakistan?

  • sagor

    how can i update my gallaxy S3 GT i9300 in bangladesh

What's my model number?

There are several ways to locate your model number:

Option 1
On your device, go to Settings, then "About device" and scroll down to "Model number"
Option 2
Often times you can view the model number inside the device, by removing the battery
Option 3
Using Samsung's model/serial number location tool