LINEAGEOS has got new battery saver menu with performance profiles

BY Bethwel Njore / March 2, 2017
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BY Bethwel Njore / March 2, 2017 / OS Updates

Since it succeeded the insanely popular CyanogenMod custom ROM, LineageOS has seen quite some improvements. The latest update to be added to this rom is a feature that could save you a lot of juice, especially when your device battery is running low. By enabling ‘Extreme power saver’ mode that kicks in when your battery is at about 15%, you will also be able to edit your kernel’s performance profile.

The new power saving features can be accessed via the battery settings menu and can be used in more than one situations. It appears the LineageOS team is at the top of the game when it comes to adding useful new features to this rom. The Power saver profile has been around since the Lollipop stock Android, and LineageOS developers have done a pretty good job at making it super useful. However, this feature isn’t live yet, although the smart folks at LineageOS has said that we should expect it in an upcoming build.

The new performance profiles

New advanced settings will be included in the ‘Battery’ section within the settings app.

Settings>Battery saver and performance.

In addition to the existing ‘Power save’ mode, there’s an additional battery-saving profile called ‘Efficiency’. It offers significantly more battery saving compared to the Power Save mode while at the same time optimizing device performance. To change these options, you’ll just need to slide the ‘Performance profile’ slider.

The common ‘balanced’ start-up profile is also there. It offers a balance between performance and battery-saving. Additionally, you get a ‘Quick’ and ‘Performance’ option to balance the performance of your device. Quick boosts performances while still minimizing battery utilization, whereas Performance option pushes your device to its limits and really does not care about battery usage.

Anything that extends the life of your Android smartphone battery is a welcome development. LineageOS battery-saving additions are ideal whenever you need to do on that road drive and you know it might take some time before you’re able to plug in again. If you’re also not pleased with your device’s current battery use, this is also another cool feature to boost things up.

Image Source: Android Authority


  1. what is new? at least cm13 had them already — and on top of that a quick settings tile to switch without need to dig into the general settings and find the place (which isn’t even really straight forward, if you don’t do it often).
    that tile is sadly gone — so far, lineageos is rather lacking in that respect compared to older cm roms.

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