Decisions, decisions.

A Minnesota-based company is floating the idea for a concealed weapon that looks like a cell phone (sort of) and unfolds into a handgun (kind of.)

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There’s no mention of how to load the weapon or how many bullets it holds, but it looks pretty cool for a novelty item. I sort of want one, even if the website’s sales pitch is flat out lame. I’m all for gun rights, just not all too keen on the moronic mentality that often follows the culture.

Transphonemers: more than meets the eye


This double barrel .38mm firearm isn’t actually for sale just yet. The company website is pretty bare bones, suggesting they’re just testing the waters to gauge interest before investing in manufacturing the gun itself.

What’s Next: OLED for mobile, foldable HDTV

OLED_EarlyProduct (1)

Other than a twin shot penis enhancement device, what other cool stuff can future cell phones “transphone” into? Truth be told, foldable displays are not the stuff of science fiction: the first foldable tech will come in the form of HDTVs.

Don’t believe me? Check this out:

Foldable cell phones?

Cool as foldable TVs are, foldable cell phones are a different animal entirely. Cell phones combine a video display with circuitry and foldable circuit boards, but CPUs and RAM are still a ways off. What’s more likely to happen is some sort of projection display.

Laser keyboards have already hit the market, and my prediction is Samsung and Apple are both racing to implement projection keyboards into future iterations of their flagship phones.

But Lenovo, the behemoth formerly known as IBM, is trying to beat them to the punch. Check this out:


Transparent displays are also on the cusp of entering the mainstream. However, transparent screens still need to be hardwired to a video source, like a computer or television service provider’s DVR or set-top box. But the potential is obvious:

The future of foldable, mobile technology is definitely exciting, and tech shows like CES are the best place to see what the future holds.

What kind of foldable tech are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below!

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