Rumor has it that Galaxy S8+ flagship is coming and that it will be Galaxy S7’s successor in the next couple of months. It is expected to arrive in April, and rumored to cost around $900.

Galaxy S8+ is expected to be globally available. Samsung expects the model to be more popular among consumers compared to the Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy 8 plus design

There is a lot of talk going around that S8 plus will bring a few changes to the Galaxy 7.

Reports suggest that the screen of Galaxy S8 plus will be 131.58 mm tall, 143.05 mm diagonally, and 64.94 mm wide.

Samsung Galaxy 8 display

The Galaxy S8 plus will have a display size of 6.2-inches screen, which is quite larger compared to the 5.5-inch Galaxy S7 screen.

It is also expected to feature a dual-edge curved (infinity display) which covers 83% of the handset front panel.

There are also suggestions that the phone will sport a 12-megapixel camera, a USB type-C port, a headphone jack, Al assistant, and 2560*1440 Quad HD super AMOLED display.

The smartphone will come with improvements for VR. It seems that the Galaxy S8 plus will have a lot to offer.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ camera

  • 12MP rear sensor with visual search feature possible.
  • New 1/2.3-inch sensor with f ¼ aperture.
  • 8MP front camera rumored to have an iris scanner.

There’s a possibility that this phone will have dual cameras at the back, and a dedicated button as well. For better audio output quality, Samsung might put dual speakers on this model.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Software

  • Android Nougat base software expected.
  • Could connect to monitor for a desktop view of Android.
  • Viv AI personal assistant confirmed.

The voice assistant will feature in all native apps on the Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy S8. And it’s also rumored that both models would have an always-visible status bar.

Keep in mind that at this moment in time, a lot of the facts above are based on rumors and speculation. But it seems Samsung could still have something extra up its sleeve for the S8+ model.

Source: Forbes
Image Source: Galaxy S8 Info

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