Samsung smartphone owners will now be able to purchase apps from the Samsung Galaxy Apps store with a single click, with charges made directly to their phone bills. This new capability will be possible following an agreement signed yesterday (Wednesday 22nd October) between Samsung and UK mobile payments firm Bango, on 22nd October.

Applying to users globally, this new purchases agreement will allow device owners to purchase digital products from the lesser known Samsung Galaxy Apps store.

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Samsung wouldn’t be the first smartphone maker to accomplish this. In fact, the electronics giant seems to be playing in the steps of Microsoft, Blackberry, Facebook, Google and Amazon, all of which have signed payment agreements with Bango. Currently, the UK firm serves over 1.5 billion mobile customers world-wide and lets device users offset charges through wireless-carrier bills.

The Samsung Galaxy Apps store is quite an upcoming feat, and wouldn’t compete against the popularity and preference of the Google Play Store, which hosts over one million apps. However, with this new capability, the company seems to be focusing on applications that leverage its own hardware, like apps meant for the S pen Stylus common with the Galaxy Note smartphones line. Already, Samsung has admitted its app store isn’t as painless to work with and requires more robust SDKs, developer support and application development interfaces.

It will definitely take more than one easy-payment solution to fix the issues plaguing the Samsung Galaxy Apps store, but Samsung is making good progress. Options that make it more convenient and easier for consumers to purchase apps from their gadgets are widely acclaimed. With this most recent development, a lot of players are keeping an open eye for whatever changes ‘Sammy’ might decide to effect on its apps store. We’re on the front-lines of this informational pursuit, and we’ll keep you posted as things unfold.

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    Google earth not working and street veu

What's my model number?

There are several ways to locate your model number:

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