According to a piece published November 5 by, Samsung is apparently not among the world’s leading brands – at least not in terms of value offered. Forbes underscored the value of establishing a valuable brand as a way to bolster returns on investments for any company. With a strong brand, any company can charge premium prices for any product, and as well greatly add to its sales volume or market share.

The post argues that no one does a better job at charging a premium price than Apple. This is based on the market observation that there are lots of phones and tablets that are functionality comparable to Apple’s own products, but the American company’s brand name carries tremendous credibility and weight. Based on sales calculations during the past quarters of this year, and according to Forbes, Apple’s brand is worth $124.3 billion. This is nearly twice as much as the value of other brands featured in this year’s annual study of leading global brands by

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Microsoft ranked second with a recorded brand value of $63 billion, which happens to be an 11 percent increase from the flat results evident the last three years. This happened as the Silicon Valley Company strove to make a transition to the mobile world.

Google ranked third with a recorded value of $56.6 billion, close behind Microsoft. This comes as the company increases revenue and ad spending in its tech services, turning out to be one of the best-trusted tech providers in the world.

Explicitly, it’s unclear why Samsung did not rank anywhere near the top. To arrive at these results, Forbes studied a universe of over 200 global brands. All featured companies were required to have some presence in the U.S. Samsung has offices in Silicon Valley and New Jersey, and is allegedly planning new offices in New York City.

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