BlackBerry fixes QuadRooter

BlackBerry fixes QuadRooter vulnerabilities with Priv and DTEK50 update

BY H. Parvez / August 15, 2016
BY H. Parvez / August 15, 2016 / News, OS Updates

While BlackBerry may not be topping the sales charts any soon, the company has definitely proved its commitment to security. BlackBerry fixes QuadRooter vulnerability even before Google’s Android security team had a chance to crack it. The latest Priv and DTEK50 update with the QuadRooter fix is already being rolled out across the world.

BlackBerry explained that out of the 4 QuadRooter vulnerabilities , 3 had been fixed on Priv with the last update. Since the DTEK50 has been deemed as the “world’s most secure Android phone”, BlackBerry fixes QuadRooter before all other major manufacturers is an impressive feat.

“Three of the four vulnerabilities have already been fixed on PRIV devices with the August Marshmallow patch and on all DTEK50 devices. In addition, the secure boot chain present in all BlackBerry devices naturally mitigates the remaining issue. This is a great example of how our Android platform hardening proactively protects against issues that haven’t even been discovered yet, a topic we’ll discuss in more detail over the coming weeks.”

If you are among those in line for the latest Priv and DTEK50 update, it should be available in the coming days. You can also pick up your device and manually check for the update in Settings->About phone-> System updates. Let us know what else the update brings apart from the fact that BlackBerry fixes QuadRooter with it.

Source: CrackBerry

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