65% market share for Android

BY Claudiu F. / March 14, 2014
BY Claudiu F. / March 14, 2014 / News


We are in March but it seems that this will be Samsung’s year. Samsung started the year aggressively with some interesting launches. At MWC on February 24 was an important moment, when Samsung launched the new Galaxy S5, an ultra high tech smartphone with a 16 MP camera sensor, a fingerprint scanner and waterproof, dustproof features.  Also they launched Gear 2 and other warables that will make a fuss on the market in this first part of the year. But what share of market has Samsung?

According to the Taiwanese publication, DigiTimes, Samsung has almost 65% of the global market of Android devices. The publication assumed that there are over a billion Android devices, this means that Samsung has a staggering mobile devices that are owned by Samsung and stamped with Galaxy. The competition practically doesn’t exist. Competitors such as LG, HTC, Sony or Motorola have a market share less than 10%. More exactly LG has 7%,HTC 6%, Sony 5% and Motorola only 4%.

The interesting part comes now, as on April 11 Samsung will launch globally the new S5, so the market domination won’t stop here. It will surely grow. So what’s to be doing for competitors? To sit and watch how Samsung grows and grows.

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