What is Aroma Installer and how to use it

BY Tudor Graur / December 10, 2012
BY Tudor Graur / December 10, 2012 / How To

First of all, AROMA stands for Android Rom Manifestation and it was developed by XDA recognized developer ‘amarullz’. Aroma installer is a ROM installer with full Touch Screen capabilities for Android ROMs.

Aroma installer allows you to install Custom ROMs the way you want it. This means you are given the possibility to customize the ROM installation. You can choose what Mods or applications you want to install together with the Custom ROM.

Aroma Installer was created from the need to customize the ROM installation. Sometimes users want to install clean ROMs with no bloatware or unnecessary apps, and sometimes users want the full package with all the mods and apps there are.

There are also benefits for ROM developers. If they choose to use Aroma Installer for their ROM, they can include all their mods and tweaks and kernels and let the Android users choose by their preference. There will no longer be unsatisfied users that don’t like one thing or another.

Aroma installer is not an app or something you can install on your Android phone. It is a tool that people can use to install a Custom ROM. One of its great benefits is that it is touch enabled. So you can use the touch screen when you are installing. Usually you had to use the volume and power keys to navigate through such apps. Installing a Custom ROM can not be any easier with this tool.

Here’s a useful video tutorial that shows you how to use Aroma installer when installing a ROM:

If you have any other questions about Aroma installer, leave them in the comments section and we’ll try to answer as soon as possible.



  1. How to replace the tweaks?
    eg. If i want to change my launcher or theme after installing the rom……??

  2. Hi there. You see, i have tried to flash a zip with lg launcher and theme in it. When i flash it, the aroma installer comes up. But the weird thing is, i cant use the touch feature. Which makes it impossible fot me to check the “i agree with the terms and condition” something like that. Is there a way to fix this or something?

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