What is Android bloatware and how you remove it?

BY Tudor Graur / December 10, 2012
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BY Tudor Graur / December 10, 2012 / How To

The term bloatware is actually older than Android is. Bloatware means software that is useless compared to how much disk space and memory it requires.

In Android phones, bloatware is the extra software that comes pre-installed with the OS. This means applications, games and so on. Usually these applications are not useful to you and the only thing they do is to eat up your RAM memory and battery. That’s why bloatware is unnecessary and you need to remove it.

What are the effects of bloatware?

  • Bloatware slows down the phone
  • Bloatware eats up necessary RAM memory
  • Drains the battery
  • It can send information to the app developer or others

How to remove Android bloatware?

  • In order to get rid of bloatware you can choose between uninstalling and disabling apps. Uninstalling an app will permanently delete the app from your device and sometimes you cannot reinstall apps that come installed from factory because they are not public. So you are left with the disabling option, which basically stops the app from functioning therefore not eating up resources from your device.
  • Another problem with removing bloatware is that you are going to need root access in order to do this. This means you have to root your device so that you can access the system app root folder that contains the apps.
  • In order to uninstall or disable bloatware you are going to need a special app. Here are some apps that provide this for you: Titanium backup, Gemini App Manager, Root Manager, Root explorer.
  • Once you install the app you just follow the instructions and remove the apps that you know you are not using
  • Another way to have bloatware removed is by installing Custom ROMs. Developers usually remove bloatware for you because this increases the overall performance of a ROM.

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