With the release of Google Pixels, many discovering has been made including some incredible hidden features. Googles endeavors not just limited to hardware and software as the Project Fi has made the Pixels into a legitimate cell service provider.

Google will now sell the new Pixels via the Project Fi network. Although Verizon is an exclusive carrier partner, you will be able to purchase the smartphone unlocked starting at $649. The devices can also be purchased on monthly installments starting at $27 per month. The Pixel and Pixel XL support the Project Fi’s network switching between Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular.

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The Project Fi goes for $20 per month for full access to unlimited texts and calls and a $10 for each GB of data. The good thing about this is that Google credits consumers at the end month for any data paid for but has not been fully used. The customer service is handled through the Project Fi application and directly through Google.

The Project Fi can use the cellular service from T-Mobile, US Cellular, and Sprint. This means that you can easily switch to the most available and strongest. However, in Sprint network, it’s sometimes limited by letting you use data when making a call. For some of us, this is a deal breaker.

The Project Fi’s rate is great and cost effective if you are the type that doesn’t use a lot of mobile data. However, the heavy data users can spend more than expected. In case you are one of the heavy users, a $50/month plan for unlimited text, talk and 3 gigabytes of data is awesome. If you happen to use up to 8 gigabytes per month, you are suddenly eyeing at a 3-digit bill.

If you happen to be using more than seven gigabytes per month, it is recommended you switch to a local service plan that would cost you less. Moreover, the Project Fi offers data coverage in over 135 countries with no extra charge. This means that you will get the same month plan pricing overseas as you access fastest networks in the area.

All-in-all, the Project Fi is far more cost-effective than an average cell phone plan – that is- if you happen to be using an average of 7 gigabytes of data or fewer per month.

Source: Project Fi

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