Many Samsung devices running on Android OS are experiencing issues with battery charging. It can be either that the device is not charging, or the device is very hot on touch, the connectors are damaged or the connectors can be pushed in the battery. Anyhow, you need to identify the problem with the battery and fix it. You have below a troubleshooting guide for Samsung phones running on Android that have problems with charging.

If you are having problems with charging because the connectors are physically damaged, or damaged by liquid, then you will need to send your device in service for repairs. This will not be covered by your Samsung Limited Warranty. You can also experience charging issues due to using unapproved enhancements as battery or as charger. Also long calls or excessive usage of the device will cause it to overheat. Note that the device is considered to be overheated only when it is too hot to keep it in contact with your skin. Otherwise, it is normal that the phone gets hot after prolonged usage.

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How to fix Charging problems on your Android phone:

  1. First verify that the equipment that you are using with your smartphone is the original Samsung one, and not a third party item.
  2. You can also try to switch your battery or charger with another Samsung original one and see if this one works. If the problem persists you will need to replace the original battery/charger.
  3. If you still experience the problem you will need to check the battery for liquid damage using the Liquid Damage Indicator on the battery.

If you still have the problem after all this, you will need to take your phone to a repair service and get it checked.

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  • Partha

    What if all the points mentioned above are fine? I purchased Grand 2 few (3.5) months back and this device causing lots of problems. I visited samsung authorized centre thrice. Now my phone is not charging in normal mode. Only it is charging in safe mode. Safe mode option i came to know when i called samsung customer care division. Last time when i vusited authirized service centre they upgraded the software to 4.4. Please provide a solution why my phone is charging only in safe mode?

  • Cathy

    I suspect this is an underlying issue with Samsung. I have a galaxy S II and have the issue of the battery not charging when it’s in the phone itself. Batteries charge fine in battery charger. I’ve tried several different power outlets for the phone and they all seem to drain whatever battery is in there. Sprint just suggested (on the phone to me) to take it to a nearby service center and find out how much it would cost to diagnose! Now I notice this issue is not all that uncommon with Samsung, so maybe it’s their hardware. Too soon to tell, for sure. But it’s hey-ho and off to Sprint I go!

  • abdul rahman

    I am having samsung galaxy grand 2, it does not charged up to 100 percent .After in morning half of the battery drains.What’s the problem


    My Samsung Galaxy Grand is not chrging either with charger purchased from Samsung store, connected to power outlet or with the supplied with mobile original charger which has USB adopter with the charger connecting to power outlet. But when i connect the USB cable from this adopter to my PC, it is charging very very slowly (10% in 1hour 30 minutes). Is it Battery problem. Original battery with mobile purchased on 15th April 2013

  • Amit

    Hi, I have similar problem. Even if I put my device on charging for 12 hrs. It does not get charged. Not even 10 percent. Im using OEM (Charger, Battery). This is happening past 1 month (my phone is 4 months old. I’ve tried with Samsung service center and they failed to diagnose the issue. Please suggest what shall I do

  • Petrus

    My a7 suddenly wont charge. Ive tried different samsung chargers and the pc. I found that it only charge when the phone is switched off. What can be done about this as this phone is still new?

  • Felicia

    my Samsung a7 also suddenly cant charge

    • rahul

      My samsung grand2 when connect to the charger , it connected but percentage is negatively charged. Ie. When i am connected it will charge 20% after some time it disply 18 %
      .. i replace the charger nd battery nd take same original product from service centre but problem are same …. what can i do ??

  • pawan

    My samsung grand2 when connect to the charger , it connected but percentage is negatively charged. Ie. When i am connected it will charge 20% after some time it disply 18 %.. i replace the charger nd battery nd take same original product fromservice centre but problem are same…. what can i do ??

What's my model number?

There are several ways to locate your model number:

Option 1
On your device, go to Settings, then "About device" and scroll down to "Model number"
Option 2
Often times you can view the model number inside the device, by removing the battery
Option 3
Using Samsung's model/serial number location tool