Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery Problems After Jelly Bean Update

BY Tudor Graur / November 14, 2012
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BY Tudor Graur / November 14, 2012 / How To

All the 30 million Galaxy S3 users in the world wished for the Jelly Bean update to come up to their phones. Indeed, the update arrived   and started to advance from country to country. The results were positive as Jelly bean brings true improvements to the previous Android version Ice Cream Sandwich.

There is though one thing that seems to bother a really big number of Galaxy S3 users. After updating the Galaxy S III to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean the battery doesn’t work as it should anymore. What does this mean: after updating to Jelly Bean the Galaxy S3 battery charges very slow or it doesn’t fully charge to 100%, not even 90%. So basically the battery takes too long to charge compared to how it used to charge when running ICS.

With the previous OS installed a normal charge lasted between 2h to 4h. Now it takes between 4h and 8h. That’s how you know it’s an issue.

It is not clear yet if this is a common Galaxy S3 problem that all users have after updating to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but it is certainly a widespread problem that was addressed more than a few times.

What are the reason the Galaxy S3 battery takes too long to charge?

The following reasons why this happen are not applicable to all users but they have seemed to be the reason in most cases.

  • It is said that if you don’t update your phone with 100% battery and you update it with little battery, then the phone remembers that as being fully charged at a lower percentage. This is what some experts say, but it may not be 100% true.
  • Also, another bug in the Jelly Bean software is that it doesn’t recognize the charger as being an AC charger but as being an USB charger because of the two piece charge formed by the USB cable and the AC adapter.
  • There is a bug in the Jelly Bean software
  • SOLUTIONS: You need to use a charger formed of only one piece, not the USB + adapter charger. Also use only Samsung chargers. If you have a Galaxy S2 charger you can try that one.
  • Do a complete re calibration of the battery. This means drain the battery completely to 0% and then charge it overnight with the phone turned off. Do this 2 times.
  • This problem may not be a permanent one and sometimes after charging the Galaxy S3 a few times it optimizes itself and re calibrates the battery to normal. So try a few charges before thinking this is a permanent issue. 
  • Another solution is to install CWM Recovery and go to ‘advanced’ > ‘wipe battery stats’. 
If none of these solutions work for you you should try to use other batteries to see if they act the same. This will tell you if the problem is with the phone or with the battery. If it’s indeed the battery then you should consider replacing it or switching it at warranty.


  1. Hello, I’ve having this issue 1st I tried with a new battery, well It still happens, because it’s new battery I do the recalibration I’m thinking to get a new charger as you suggest on solution #1, if it does not work I’ll contact my seller :-S

  2. Good thing I was able to see this thread and realized that it was not only me who’s encountering this battery issue after updating my firmware to 4.2.1.. my charging time takes almost 11 hours to get the 100% and I was bothered by this longer hour charging and shorter battery life span.. My charging time now takes longer time battery use.
    Will I be able to degrade my Android 4.1.2 to 4.2.1?

    1. *Will I be able to degrade my Android 4.1.2 to 4.1.1 back?

  3. I had the same issues with battery drain on Android 4.1.2, it was horrible, so I reverted back to ICS 4.0.4, then rooted my phone to uninstall some of the apps that came with 4.0.4 that I would never use, but were battery hogs, and now my phone is back to normal battery life, meaning I can go a full day without charging it during the day. It worked for me!

  4. Thanks to the huge wave of complaints about the Jelly Bean update on the web, when I received the push notification that I had “an update” that needed to be installed, I simply avoided it. I have cheerfully skipped by every time that annoying pop-up appears on my phone, and I will (if I have to) continue to do so until the phone dies. I like my Galaxy S III just the way it is, it works like a charm and I easily can get 24 hours on a charge (assuming I’m not using GPS, Wi-Fi, etc. ) and see no compelling reason to upgrade the OS and suffer like those unfortunate people that swallowed the Jelly Bean.

  5. Hello i used samsung galaxy grand 2 duos i have problem with bettery when i charge battery every night get about 90 percent never fully 100percent. What can i do?

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