Samsung Galaxy Note 2 SD card issue with file transfers

BY Tudor Graur / November 12, 2012
BY Tudor Graur / November 12, 2012 / How To

Galaxy Note 2 is a very revolutionary smartphone and it was already sold to more than 3 million people. Being available world-wide for not such a long time, there haven’t been so many issues reported. You can check out these common Galaxy Note 2 issues though.

Meanwhile, I recently found that some Galaxy Note 2 devices have a problem with file transfers on their SD card. More precisely, I’m talking about copying files larger than 4 GB on the SD card of the Galaxy Note 2. The message that is prompted is “Cannot copy file” “Its file size is larger than the device limit”.

Files over 4GB cannot be transferred on the SD card SOLUTIONS:

  • Copy the files on the internal storage and then move them on the SD card.
  • Try formatting the SD card first. Don’t use FAT32 format because that has a 4GB restriction for file transfers.
  • Make sure that the SD card is compatible with your Galaxy Note 2.
  • Use only quality cards if the storage is over 8 GB.
  • Copy the files on the SD card using a card-reader.

Some users also reported that if you root your Galaxy Note 2 (How to root Galaxy Note 2) then the problem is solved. But this may not be a general solution, knowing also that rooting is not 100% safe for any device and also makes it lose warranty.


  1. You also cant move apps to your sd card at all no app can be moved to sd card. Which is a big deal to me. I love this phone but will be very upset if they don’t fix it.

  2. I have an SGS3 with Android version 4.1.1, and my friend has an SGS3 with Android version 4.0.4, and both phones have the same Sandisk 64GB micro sd cards. I can’t copy a big 5.5GB file to my sd card through the SGS3’s micro-usb port, but my friend’s one can.

    When my phone was on 4.0.4, I could also copy big files to my sd card. I still have the big files on my sd card, which I can still use.

    1. Your SD card file system is probably FAT32. The limit for a individual file is 4GB on FAT32. Your friend has gotten somehow support on his Galaxy S3 for SD Cards with NTFS/EXT or other file system witch has no limit.

    2. My sdcard has a 5.5GB file on it right now, so can’t be FAT32. I could copy files bigger than 4GB when my sgs3 was on 4.0.4, but can’t anymore since upgrading to 4.1.1. I’ve never formatted the card once.

  3. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2,and the card I put in is a Samsung microSDXC UHS-1 PRO 64 gb,and can’t use’it;any Ideas?

  4. how can I move the downloaded video songs or any other files From internal memory to the micro sd card in Samsung Galaxy note 2.
    How can I directly download the videos and other files, applications to the micro sd card.

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