Latest tablets and smartphones have allowed parents to spend some time in peace without having to worry about their children as kids these days spend most of their time playing or watching videos on their phones or tablets. While it is fun for kids, it can also be very damaging for them since android wasn’t particularly made for the kids. So, in order to make sure that your child doesn’t encounter anything negative, you have to make their android device more kid-friendly. Here is how you go about doing it.

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Keep Children as a Restricted Account

One of the first things you have to make sure while buying or handing your own android device to kids is making sure that you put your kids on a restricted account. You can do that by setting yourself as an administrator or in other words, a primary. Being a primary user allows you to restrict your children for accessing the apps or files you do not want them to enter.

To create a restricted account, go to settings, tap on users and then tap on Add user or profile. Do not forget to select “Restricted Profile” when the options pop up.  From here, you can select the apps you want your child to access by turning the toggle off or on.

Making the Google Play Store kid-friendlier

If your child has access to Google Play, you can still make sure that he or she does not download any inappropriate app. Google Ply has a parental control option that you can access by going in to setting and then users. But, in order for you to do that, you will have to log in by your kid’s account. The feature will ask you to set a pin lock so your child simply can’t turn it off.

Download Parent Apps

After doing all these things, if you still want to monitor your child’s activity, you can download parent apps from Google Play. These apps let you monitor your child’s android device from your own device. DinnerTime Plus, is a similar kind of app that parents can use to control their children’s activity from their own device. Parents can notify their children about the dinner by simply pressing a button that will flash a screen on their kid’sdevice, letting them know that the dinner is ready. There are lots of other options also that parents can make use of.

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